Media Literacy

Online Media Literacy Sites


There are literally thousands of internet sites devoted to the media.  As you probably already know you can find film reviews, chat groups on television programs, news reports, and individual sites devoted to specific shows or actors.

A few of the sites devoted to a study of media literacy are listed below.  Click on individual sites to continue your study of the media on your own.

Center for Media Literacy

Alliance for a Media Literate America

Annenberg School for Communication (Univ. of Pennsylvania)

University of Oregon Media Literacy On-Line Project

Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies

NCTA Parental Controls.

Jakes Online! Visual Literacy

PBS TeacherSource

Directory of Media Literacy Sites Worldwide

New Mexico Media Literacy Project On-Line
NCTA Critical Viewing Homepage
Canadian Association for Media Education Organization
Smart Parents Guide to Kids' TV
Jesuit Communication Project - Toronto


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