Information Competency Tutorials





In 2000 the Council of Chief Librarians of the City University of New York (CUNY) charged a CUNY Tutorial Working Group with developing a library skills and information literacy tutorial. The tutorial would be selected from one that had already been created, and would then be acquired and modified for use at CUNY.

The Tutorial Working Group was made up of librarians from across CUNY libraries. During the 2000-2001 academic year we carefully investigated and assessed a number of excellent tutorials. We selected the tutorials from the Information Competency Project developed at the California State University Libraries for modification and use at CUNY.

Professor Mariana Regalado, who chaired the group, did the bulk of this work using Dreamweaver 2.O, Adobe Photoshop 5.5, Corel Photo House and Macromedia Flash 5. Anita Ondrusek created the CUNY+ portion of Tutorial 3, Locate and Retrieve Relevant Information. Throughout the process, Professors Killoran, Ondrusek and Roccos provided critical suggestions for improvement and ongoing proofreading. During the first phase of creating the CUNY Information Competency Tutorial, completed in January 2002, the Tutorial Working Group modified the first 4 of the 9 tutorials.

Original Tutorial Working Group Members

Professor Mariana Regalado, Chair, Brooklyn College Library; Professor Katherine Killoran, Lloyd George Sealy Library,John Jay College of Criminal Justice; Professor Sandra Marcus, Kurt R. Schmeller Library, Queensborough Community College; Professor Anita Ondrusek, Jacqueline Grennan Wexler Library. Hunter College; Professor Linda Roccos, College of Staten Island Library

Essential Help and Support provided by:

Darrow Wood, Chief Librarian, Ursula C. Schwerin Library, New York City Technical College; Marsha Ra, Director of Library Services. CUNY Office of Library Services; Roland Samieske, University Systems Librarian, CUNY Office of Library Services; Professor Marie Cimino Spina, Laguardia Commmunity College Library; Kalvin Lee, Faculty Training and Development Lab, Office of Academic Information Technologies, Brooklyn College; and Leo Robert Klein, Web Coordinator & Digital Resources Developer, William & Anita Newman Library, Baruch College

New Design and Translation

The Hostos Community College Office of Instructional Technology staff migrated all 9 of the California State Information Competency modules into a new, more attractive format as part of a Perkins Grant to provide 24/7 online tutorial resources to students. Special thanks go to Hostos Community College and George Rosa, Elkin Urrea, and Carlos Victoria for their work on the migration and design. Updating and additional redesign work was done by the Hostos Libraryís IT Team, Jason Sandoval, Carlos Hidalgo and Professor Kate Lyons.

Spanish translation of the CUNY Information Competency Tutorials was made possible by a grant from the CUNY Office of Compliance and Diversity, Diversity Projects Development Fund. Professor Josť Diaz, Hostos Community College, and Professor George Thorsen, Queensborough Community College, translated these modules into Spanish.

Ongoing Work

In Fall 2004 the CUNY Council of Chief Librarians and the University Librarian formed LILAC (Library Information Literacy Advisory Committee) composed of librarians representing each of the CUNY libraries to coordinate and foster information literacy across CUNY. A LILAC subcommittee was charged with maintaining the current Information Competency Tutorial and considering other options for online tutorials that teach information literacy.

The Members of the LILAC Tutorial subcommittee in 2007 are: Professor Susan Voge (co-chair) Lehman College; Professor Alexandra deLuise (co-chair) Queens College; Professor Katherine Parsons (Bronx Community College); Shamiana Pond (Central Office); and Professor Marie Cimino Spina (LaGuardia Community College). Beginning in 2008, LILACís IL Tools committee took over maintaining the tutorials and added quizzes. The IL Tools committee is: Maura Smale ((NYCTech), Mariana Regalado (Brooklyn College), Miriam Laskin (Hostos Community College), Marie Spina (LaGuardia Community College), and Michael Adams (CUNY Graduate Center).