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CUNYís Information Competency Tutorials include quizzes for Tutorials 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7. Each quiz is composed of 10 random questions. There is also a comprehensive, "All Tutorials" quiz comprised of 20 questions made up of questions from all six quizzes. You can test yourself at the end of each tutorial and/or take the "All Tutorials" quiz and immediately find out how you did. A passing score is 70%.

CUNY Students: Each time you pass a quiz, you may email the results to your professor. You must have your professorís CUNY email address, as well as your own CUNY email address, in order to send your score. Email addresses must be within the CUNY network.

Instructions for taking a quiz: Simply select the best answer to each question by clicking on the circle to the left of each possible answer. If you change your mind after selecting an answer, just click on your new choice. At the end of the quiz page, select your campus from the list provided, and then submit your quiz. You'll immediately see your score, as well as the answer to each question you did not answer correctly.

You may only take one quiz per session. In order to re-try a quiz or take additional quizzes, please close your browser to end your session, and then try again. To begin, select the quiz you'd like to take from the menu on the left.

The titles of the Tutorials that offer quizzes are:

  • Determine Your Information Needs
  • Define the Research Topic
  • Locate and Retrieve Relevant Information
  • Use the Technological Tools For Accessing Information
  • Evaluate Information
  • Understand the Ethical, Legal, and Socio-Political Issues Surrounding Information and Information Technology

Spanish translation of the CUNY Information Competency Tutorials was made possible by a grant from the CUNY Office of Compliance and Diversity, Diversity Projects Development Fund. Prof. Josť Diaz, Hostos Community College and Prof. George Thorsen, Queensborough Community College translated these modules into Spanish.  The Hostos Community College Instructional Technology support center staff migrated all of the IL Competency modules into a new, more attractive format as part of a Perkins Grant to provide 24/6 online tutorial resources to students. A special thanks goes to Hostos Community College and George Rosa, Elkin Urrea, and Carlos Victoria for their work on the migration and design.