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1) Which are examples of primary sources?
Journal articles, bibliographies, encyclopedia article
Newspaper articles, biographies, journal articles
Interviews, diaries, letters
Citations, biographies, bibliographies

2) Which of the following assignments might require you to do research?
An essay about a difficult decision you once made
An essay describing a trip you took that gave you a new perspective on life
An essay in which you describe both sides ("pros and cons") of a controversial issue.
An essay in which you write about the thing you most value in the world

3) For every research assignment, you need to:
Consult journal articles, books, and brief summaries
Read the assignment carefully to determine your research needs
Consult both primary and secondary sources
Spend 15-20 hours researching your topic

4) Which of the following assignments might require you to do research?
A Master's thesis
A term paper
An argumentative (opinion) essay
All of the above

5) Which of the following research topics require the most current (most recent) information sources?
William Shakespeare's plays
Diabetes treatments for children
The U.S. Civil War
None of the above

6) What are examples of secondary sources?
Diaries and Interviews
None of the above

7) What is a scholarly or peer-reviewed journal?
A journal that only includes articles that were reviewed by experts in the field
A journal that only includes articles on a single subject
A journal that only includes articles written by government agencies
Any journal published online

8) What are some issues to consider at the start of a research project?
Whether you need primary or secondary sources
Whether currency (most recently published materials) is an issue
How much information you need
All of the above

9) How much time should you spend researching a topic?
2-5 hours
8-10 hours
Different assignments will require different amounts of time to research
You should spend approximately one hour of time researching an assignment for each hour your class meets during the semester.

10) If you need help with your research, you can ask a reference librarian for help.

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