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1) What are the keywords in the question, "What are the symptoms of diabetes in children?"
what, are, symptoms, children, diabetes
diabetes, condition, children, Type I diabetes
symptoms, children, diabetes
symptoms of diabetes in children

2) If you find too little or too much information when you begin your research you may need to:
Narrow or broaden your topic
Restate your topic as a question
Repeat the process of picking out the keyword and making a list of synonyms or related terms
All of the above

3) You can narrow your topic by:
Limiting the time period or geographic region in your question
Including synonyms for the significant terms in your topic
Selecting terms that are more general
Changing your topic

4) If you searched for "bilingual education" and got too much information, what could you do next?
Narrow your topic by adding concrete and specific terms
Ask a librarian for assistance in choosing your information source and formulating your search terms
Change your topic to something easier
Both A and B are correct

5) Once you have stated your topic as a question, you need to identify the keywords in the question.

6) Your research question, “How does intoxication affect driving?” is too broad. Which of the following would narrow your topic enough to allow you to do a good two-page paper?
What are some tips for safe driving after you have a drink?
How many beers is too many to drink before you drive?
Are teenagers good drivers?
How does alcohol affect a driver’s motor skills?

7) A good way to start your research is to state your topic as a question. This will help you clarify your thoughts and focus your topic.

8) What steps should you take to define your research topic?
State your topic as a question
Identify keywords
If needed, broaden or narrow your topic
All of the above

9) You can identify the keywords in your topic by picking out significant terms from the question you formulated.

10) After you have decided on your keywords for your research question, what can you do to think of additional words to use when searching for information?
Use Boolean logic to formulate your search term
Make a list of synonyms and related terms for your keywords
Consult reference sources to find information
Evaluate the currency of your sources

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