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1) The McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology is an example of a:
General Encyclopedia
Subject Encyclopedia

2) Which of the following is NOT a reference source?
Atlases and maps
A novel

3) OPAC stands for:
Online Public Access Catalog
Organize Prioritize Accessorize Characterize
Open Private Accessibility Catalog
Online Private Admissions Catalog

4) What is the resource to use for finding out whether your CUNY Library subscribes to Newsweek Magazine?
CUNY+, the library's online catalog
A periodical index
A national directory of journals
Opposing Viewpoints database

5) A Table of Contents provides you with a broad outline of what's covered in a book, and an Index provides more detailed access to the book's contents.

6) What CAN'T you do with CUNY+, our online library catalog?
Check to see whether a journal is owned or subscribed to within the CUNY library system
Figure out whether your campus library owns a particular book or video
Order a book from another campus on CUNY, and have it delivered to your campus's library
Find out who currently has a particular book checked out

7) Searching for a book in a library catalog by Title is the fastest way to find it but if the book's title begins with "A," "An" or "The," you must begin with the second word of the title.

8) CUNY+ is an all-purpose database for locating every source that you may need to complete your research.

9) When you want to search for an item by Author, most library catalogs require that you enter the author's last name first.

10) In an Index with Abstracts, you see a citation to a periodical article on your topic. What information in the citation is NEEDED in order to locate the actual artice?
the abstract
how many pages long the article is
points of access
author, title of article, title of journal, volume and/or issue number

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Spanish translation of the CUNY Information Competency Tutorials was made possible by a grant from the CUNY Office of Compliance and Diversity, Diversity Projects Development Fund. Prof. Josť Diaz, Hostos Community College and Prof. George Thorsen, Queensborough Community College translated these modules into Spanish.  The Hostos Community College Instructional Technology support center staff migrated all of the IL Competency modules into a new, more attractive format as part of a Perkins Grant to provide 24/6 online tutorial resources to students. A special thanks goes to Hostos Community College and George Rosa, Elkin Urrea, and Carlos Victoria for their work on the migration and design.