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1) All information on Websites is free.

2) If you use a truncation symbol like (*) and search for bank*, which of the following words will the database also search for?
tank, thank, lank, drank
banking, bankruptcy, bankers, banks
both A and B
this is impossible to do in any database

3) Choose the correct term below to fill in the blank in this sentence: "Truncation allows you to search the _______ form of a word with all of its possible endings"

4) A database is:
Any computer generated file
Always available on CD-ROM
An organized collection of information
A printed catalog of items available at the library

5) What is a database field?
Bibliograhic citations
An individual element of information in a database record
The introductory search screen in a database
The command line where you enter a search statement

6) Your research topic is “The U.S. and immigration.” After a keyword search in an articles database, you discover that your topic is too broad and you must narrow it down. What two fields in the article records can help you narrow down (focus) your search?
Title field, Source field
Publisher field, Author field
Subject (descriptor) field, Abstract field
Notes field, Title field

7) Which search strategy using Boolean connectors would result in a list of citations for articles on the laws concerning smoking in restaurants?
Smoking OR restaurants
Smoking AND restaurants

8) From the following list of words, select which three are Boolean operators (connectors):
But, and, or
Not, with, from
Not, and, or
And, or, with

9) Your topic is teen drug use. You need as many articles as possible. Which of the following searches would yield the most results?
teenagers OR adolescents
teens AND drugs
none of the above.

10) What are Boolean operators (or connectors)?
Connectors used to build databases
Mark up language used in developing web-based databases
Words placed between keyword search terms to narrow or expand a search.
Special library operators that search databases

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