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Research Program Spotlight

Each semester, The Grants Office wishes to highlight one grant sponsored activity on campus that is making a difference.  In this way we hope to share some of the interesting work being done by our faculty in areas of research, curriculum development, teaching, learning and scholarship.  All these projects are externally funded and support the mission of the college. 

Our first spotlight features the Game-Framed Math & Science Project housed in the Humanities Dept.

The Game-Framed Math & Science (G-FMS) initiative at Hostos Community College aims to increase students’ understanding of STEM-based subjects by framing math and science within the context of game design and game play. Traditional curriculum is augmented with subject specific game play which help to instill student understanding of subject materials current faculty have targeted as particularly problematic for students.  In addition, the curriculum requires students to develop their own original games to teach other students highlighted concepts.

Funded by the National Science Foundation's Advanced Technological Education Grant and Hostos Community College, the project has recently completed its first year of development.  This has culminated in the building of a state-of-the-art game lab at Hostos, the development of pilot courses, and over a dozen original game designs. Implementation of the pedagogy will commence in the Spring 2014 semester with remedial and college level mathematics courses as well as courses in biology and environmental science.

Summer 2014 will involve a Hostos Summer Games Institute where the projects co-principal investigators, Professors Rees Shad and Catherine Lewis, with their team of multi-disciplinary faculty will share their pedagogy with other education professionals.



Game Lab Imageshttp://www.flickr.com/photos/hostosdigital/sets/72157636157804034/

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