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Sample Scored Act Essays

The following pages contain some examples of an upper-range, a middle-range, and a lower-range paper. paper. Each sample essay is followed by an explanation of why the paper received the score that it did. In looking at the essays, remember that in order to pass the ACT writing test, you must get a minimum score of four from at least one of the readers. The sample essays are in response to the following prompt:

A Parks Board in a large city has received a generous donation and wants to use the donation to benefit the city as a whole. The Board is considering two options, but there is only enough funding for one. One option is to improve the city's parks by planting more flower gardens and creating more recreational areas. The other option is to improve the overall appearance of the city by planting flower beds and small trees along city streets and at intersections. Write a letter to the Parks Board in which you argue for improving the city's parks or for improving the appearance of the city, explaining how your choice will benefit the city as a whole. Begin your letter: Dear Parks Board:



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