Study Guide: Listening Is an Act of Love

A. Understanding the StoryCorps Context



B. Reading the Stories


  1. CYNTHIA RAHN interviewed by her friend ADRIENNE LEA
  2. DR. RICHARD COLLINS interviewed by his grandson SEAN COLLINS
  3. WILLIAM JACOBS interviewed by his grandson SETH FLEISCHAUER
  4. HEE-SOOK LEE interviewed by her daughter JOYCE KIM LEE
  5. SULOCHANA KONUR interviewed by her daughter-in-law MELISSA KONUR
  7. MARY LOU MAHER interviewed by her biological son BRAD SKOW
  8. Cousins CHERIE JOHNSON and JAMES RANSOM reminisce about visits to their grandmother’s home
  9. KAREN WASHABAU interviewed by her husband DAVE WASHABAU
  10. ANTHONY D’ANDREA interviewed by his daughters MONICA MCINERNEY and MARY D’ANDRE
  11. REBECCA KATECHIS speaking with her sister CAROLYN SCHLAM


  1. MONICA MAYER interviewed by her cousin and patient SPENCER WILKINSON, JR.
  2. KEN KOBUS interviewed by his friend RON BARAFF
  3. SAMUEL W. BLACK interviewed by his wife EDDA FIELDS-BLACK
  4. JOYCE BUTLER interviewed by her daughter STEPHANIE BUTLER
  5. SHARON ST. AUBIN interviewed by her nephew JERROLD ARNESON
  6. LENDALL HILL interviewed by his daughter LORI FITZGERALD
  7. BARB FULLER-CURRY interviewed by her son CRAIG CURRY
  8. RICK KINCAID interviewed by his friend DANNY TERRY
  9. PHYLLIS JOHNSON interviewed by her friend DANNY PERASA
  10. RONALD RUIZ interviewed by Storycorps facilitator BRETT MYERS
  11. BARNEY FELDMAN interviewed by his daughter SUSAN BECKMAN
  12. SCOTT KOHENAK speaking with his wife CATHERINE KOHANEK
  13. JANET LUTZ interviewed by her friend LORI ARMSTRONG


  1. MARTHA CONANT interviewed by her daughter-in-law BRITTANY CONANT
  2. BLANCA ALVAREZ interviewed by her daughter CONNIE ALVAREZ
  3. EDDIE S. LANIER interviewed by his friend DAVID WRIGHT
  4. PAUL MORTIMER speaking with SHAWN FOX
  5. hpter 4JOHN BROWN interviewed by his brother PAUL CORBIT BROWN
  6. KIM SCHUMER interviewed by her sister AMY SCHUMER
  7. CURTIS CATES interviewed by his wife CINDY CONNOLLY CATES
  8. GEORGE CAYWOOD interviewed by his daughter GINA CAYWOOD
  9. SHASTI O’LEARY-SOUDANT interviewed by her husband JETHRO SOUDANT
  10. GREGG KORBON speaking with his wife KATHRYN KORBON
  11. SAM MEERS interviewed by his daughter KATHERINE MEERS


  1. VIRGINIA HILL FAIRBROTHER interviewed by her daughter LAUREL KAYE
  2. MANNY DIAZ, JR. interviewed by his friend BLANCA VASQUEZ
  3. DEBRA A. FISHER interviewed by Storycorps facilitator KAREN DIMATTIA
  4. JOSEPH L. ROBERTSON interviewed by his son-in-law JOHN H. FISH, JR.
  5. MARIE DESANTIS interviewed by her daughter MARY-LU HAYES and her grandson MARK HAYES
  6. SAM HARMON interviewed by his grandson EZRA AWUMEY
  7. THERESA BURROUGHS interviewed by her daughter TONI LOVE
  8. TAYLOR ROGERS speaking with his wife BESSIE ROGERS
  9. TOM GEERDES talking with his daughter HANNAH CAMPBELL
  10. MARY CAPLAN interviewed by her friend EMILY COLLAZO


  1. RICHARD PECORELLA speaking with Storycorps facilitator JACKIE GOODRICH about fiancée KAREN JUDAY
  2. JOSEPH DITTMAR interviewed by Storycorps facilitator RANI SHANKAR
  3. Pump operators RUFUS BURKHALTER and BOBBY BROWN talk to each other
  4. DOUGLAS PAUL DESILVEY interviewed by Storycorps facilitator NICK YULMAN
  5. KIERSTA KURTZ-BURKE interviewed by her husband JUSTIN LUNDGREN