Study Guide: Listening Is an Act of Love

B. Reading the Stories

2. BLANCA ALVAREZ interviewed by her daughter CONNIE ALVAREZ

Pre-reading statement of opinion:  Illegal immigrants to the United States risk many physical dangers in their journey to cross the border.  What do you think of these people who risk bodily harm as they seek a better life for themselves and their loved ones?  Are they heroic . . . irresponsible . . . foolish . . . crazy?

Post-reading guided summary:  Write how a “coyote” figured in Connie Alvarez’s childhood imagination by describing how Blanca Alvarez entered the United States.  Explain what the mother used to do to ensure her children’s survival.  Consider how the mother also inspired the daughter to complete her college education.

Personal response:  Write your reaction to one or two aspects of the summary you have written, and try to connect this response to the opinion that you expressed before reading the StoryCorps transcript.