Study Guide: Listening Is an Act of Love

B. Reading the Stories

11. SAM MEERS interviewed by his daughter KATHERINE MEERS

Pre-reading statement of opinion:  Do you agree that there can be nothing worse than the loss of a loving parent during one’s childhood?  Why or why not?

Post-reading guided summary:  Tell how Sam Meers started dating his wife and why this date was well “worth it” (153).  Share what he knows about his wife that no one else knows.  Explain how Katherine Meers keeps in touch with her mother by reading the journals the mother wrote when she was in high school.  Describe the impact that being born on her mother’s birthday now has on her. 

Personal response:  Write your reaction to one or two aspects of the summary you have written, and try to connect this response to the opinion that you expressed before reading the StoryCorps transcript.