Study Guide: Listening Is an Act of Love

B. Reading the Stories

1. RICHARD PECORELLA speaking with Storycorps facilitator JACKIE GOODRICH about fiancée KAREN JUDAY

Pre-reading statement of opinion:  Some people have experienced love at first sight.  In one meeting, they have met their soul mate and love for life.  Are you inclined to agree that such good fortune could enter your life?  Why or why not?

Post-reading guided summary:  Tell how Richard met Karen and how she immediately changed her lifestyle in order to be closer to him.  Explain how they changed each other for the better as they got to know each other better.  Discuss how they became victims of 9/11 when they were supposed to take the day off.  Explain why Richard knew that Karen’s fate was the same as the other 657 people that Cantor Fitzgerald lost.  Comment on his expression of love for Karen and how that love manifested itself in both their lives when they were both living.

Personal response:  Write your reaction to one or two aspects of the summary you have written, and try to connect this response to the opinion that you expressed before reading the StoryCorps transcript.