Study Guide: Listening Is an Act of Love

B. Reading the Stories

4. DOUGLAS PAUL DESILVEY interviewed by Storycorps facilitator NICK YULMAN

Pre-reading statement of opinion:  Do you agree that the loss of family members as a result of a natural disaster is probably the most difficult kind of loss that a person can cope with?  Why or why not?

Post-reading guided summary:  Explain the “normal drill for a hurricane” (234) that Douglas and his family went through before the hurricane struck.  Describe what happened to the house and the family members during the hurricane.  Tell why Douglas decided to inform the authorities and he went to Home Depot to buy “one-by-fours to make crosses” (236). Explain why Douglas has trouble sleeping at night and what he is doing to cope with the tragedy.

Personal response:  Write your reaction to one or two aspects of the summary you have written, and try to connect this response to the opinion that you expressed before reading the StoryCorps transcript.