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The A.A. Degree Honors Program

The A.A. Degree Honors Program at Eugenio Maria de Hostos Community College was created to provide academic opportunities that enhance the intellectual development of motivated students. Students accepted into the Honors Program will work intensively with a faculty mentor and honors contract course instructors to build critical thinking skills and gain deeper understanding of course content. Participation in cultural events, conferences, and academic seminars will serve to round out the students' educational experience at the college.


The A.A. Degree Honors Program will challenge the intellectually inquisitive and motivated student working toward the Associate in Arts degree. Academically gifted students seeking advanced coursework and a challenging college program are ideal candidates for the Honors Program.


The Honors Program provides students with an enriched and supportive learning environment, including faculty mentoring, early and guaranteed registration, peer support, and more. The diploma and transcript of the successful Honors Program graduate will indicate that the student

Elements of the Program

Upon acceptance into the A.A. Degree Honors Program, students will be assigned a faculty mentor who will provide guidance in planning the students' academic program. Students will work with the faculty mentor and the Honors Program director to ensure satisfactory completion of all program requirements:

  • Students must complete four (4) honors contract courses:
    • ONE in the general education requirement (GER)
    • TWO in the student's chosen cluster
    • ONE in the chosen discipline or interdisciplinary seminar
  • Students will engage in cultural activities, seminars and conferences throughout New York City, which will foster an appreciation of the many cultures they represent and will prepare them to participate in a diverse global environment.
  • Students must complete 4 hours of community service per semester in an agency or institution of their choice, with the approval of the faculty mentor.
  • Students must attend activities and events programmed for students in the A.A. Degree Honors Program
Honors Privileges

Advantages of being an honors student include:

  • Same library privileges as faculty
  • Early registration and guaranteed registration into any class
  • Monthly meetings with faculty and fellow honors students
  • Special opportunities for employment at the college, as available
  • Chance to enter the annual Honors Essay Contest
  • Honors work denoted on transcript
Eligibility and Admissions

Full-time and part-time students are eligible to apply if they are:

  • Continuing Hostos students in their first, second or third semester; student entering as freshman; or transfer students starting their second year and have:
  • Passing scores on (or exempt from) the three CUNY skills assessment tests (reading, writing, and math).
  • For first-year admission — minimum 85% high school average or successful completion of one honors contract course.
  • For second-year admission — minimum G.P.A. of 3.5.