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Welcome to the Behavioral and Social Sciences Department!

The Behavioral and Social Sciences Department is committed to the intellectual development and civic empowerment of all students through offerings that provide an understanding of human behavior and the social and historical evolution of societies, nation states, and modern systems of political and legal governance. Through specific offerings in the disciplines of sociology, psychology, anthropology, political science, public affairs, legal studies, history, and economics, students are encouraged to explore their society, its diversity, and acquire knowledge about the actions of individuals, institutions and key governance structures. The department offers liberal arts options and degree programs in public administration, criminal justice and legal studies. The department is committed to the enhancement of opportunities for historically underserved communities, including ethnic, racial and linguistic minorities.


The Behavioral and Social Sciences Department consists of the following units:

  • Behavioral Sciences,
  • Social Sciences,
  • Public Administration, and Paralegal Studies.

The Behavioral Sciences unit offers courses in the disciplines of psychology, sociology, and anthropology. The Social Sciences unit offers courses in the disciplines of history, economics, political science, interdisciplinary social sciences, and political economy. The Public Administration unit offers courses in public administration, criminal justice, and paralegal studies.

The Behavioral and Social Sciences disciplines are essential elements of a liberal arts education. In recognition of this, the College requires the successful completion of twelve (12) credits in these disciplines as part of the requirements of the A.A. degree. Three (3) credits in Public Administration may be applied toward the twelve-credit behavioral and social sciences graduation requirement for the A.A. degree. A study of these disciplines should contribute to an individual's functioning in many areas of life. Moreover, this study provides an opportunity for students to examine the nature of society and human behavior, social problems, and social change. The behavioral and social sciences are, therefore, recommended for all students.

Study in the behavioral and social sciences allows for a wide choice of careers in teaching, law, government, diplomacy, public agencies, social work, research foundations, business, health fields, as well as self-employment. Several introductory, behavioral and social sciences courses are offered in both English and Spanish.