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The Information/Learning Commons @ HCC initiative augments the services of existing college-wide structures by interconnecting them to one another to better service students. The Commons venues provide technological access, support and instruction to students. The Information Commons sites include the Hostos Academic Learning Center (HALC), the Academic Computing Center, and the Library. The Office of Instructional Technology provide a similar venue to faculty through its Faculty Learning Commons.

Virtual Learning Space

The Information/Learning Commons (ILC) makes digital library resources, a plethora of support, learning software and technical assistance, vis-à-vis or online -depending on the venue, day of the week, and time - more available.  “Students are able to conduct research, obtain reference and tutorial assistance, write papers, tabulate data, design web-pages, develop e-portfolios, and collaborate in small groups on multimedia projects in a one-stop shopping mode.” 1

Our vision for the Information/Learning Commons is to create spaces that enhance student learning and fosters integration, collaboration, and a sense of community while encouraging independent and critical thinking in an active learning environment.

The goal is to increase Hostos’ Virtual Learning Spaces by building on our current infrastructure (HALC, Academic Computing Center, Faculty Learning Commons, and Library). Each site will continue to offer its primary services, but by enhancing the workstations at each site with additional software (as needed), online accessibility, a seamless interface, and assuring that each site has the required technical support, live or virtual, each site will be able to service our students in a more comprehensive manner.

Since HALC academic tutors and the Technology tutors play an essential role in this project, a training plan has been developed to ensure that HALC and Tech tutors are able to answer questions and provide guidance to students using these resources. Working in collaboration, HALC, the Library, and the Office of Instructional Technology have designed and implemented a training plan for all tutors to teach basic navigation of all tutorial resources, software applications and basic library services.

1 Leighton, David, “The Information Commons: A Conceptualization and Vision for Collaborative & Interactive Learning,” in The Information Edge, Pace University Library newsletter, Fall 2003.