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Sample Passages from the CUNY/COMPASS Reading Exam

The COMPASS/ESL Reading Exam begins with a tutorial section that shows students how to take the exam. The figure below shows a sample item similar to those in the Reading Placement Exam, and illustrates how a reading exam passage and items would appear on the computer screen. Students use the "More" button on the left half of the screen to move toward the beginning or the end of the passage. The numbered boxes in the lower right of the screen correspond to the questions associated with the current passage. The student can click on the boxes in any sequence, but must be sure to click on all boxes in order to respond to all relevant exam questions. After the student answers all questions, the "Go On" button is enabled and the student clicks on it to proceed to the next computer-selected passage and its associated exam questions. The sample items on the following pages illustrate the types of passages and exam questions in the reading placement and diagnostic exam pools.

Sample Humanities Screen Shot



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