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CUNY/Compass Reading Examination Strategies - Other Strategies

Other Strategies for taking the CUNY/COMPASS Reading Exam

  • Rest and Relax
    Getting a good night’s sleep can make a great difference on your test performance. Make sure to get the proper rest the day before. Also, arrive at the Testing center ten to fifteen minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment so that you have a few minutes to get settled.
  • Follow Instructions
    Listen carefully and attentively to the instructions being provided by the proctors. Knowing what you need to do can save you time and can make you feel at ease. The proctors are there to assist you and answer questions you may have about the test.
  • Concentrate
    Tune out both internal and external distractions and focus you attention on the material on the test. If you become distracted, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax and get yourself back on track.
  • Do Not Rush
    Getting anxious and feeling nervous because others finish early is natural. If you experience any of these feelings, calm yourself down by taking a couple of deep breaths. Remember that by finishing early, the student is not necessarily working to the best of his/her ability. Besides, this is an un-timed test so take as much time as you need. Concentrate on what you are working on to make the best of your time. Remember to use your prior knowledge and common sense in selecting your answers.


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