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College Opportunity to Prepare for Employment (COPE)

College Opportunity to Prepare for Employment (COPE)

The mission of the COPE program, is to "Provide our students with the opportunity of obtaining a challenging job, which in turn will foster financial independence, self-confidence and personal growth".

The Hostos Community College COPE program identifies TANF (mother with children in their budget) Safety Net (no children in their budget) recipients, enrolled in occupational degree programs and provides them with enhanced academic and comprehensive support services. The program also operates a very successful placement program. The program is collaboration between CUNY and the Human Resources Administration.

We are currently servicing students who are enrolled in Federal Work-Study, and are enrolled in internship assignments.

The Hostos Community College COPE program offered a variety of services to our students. First, before the Registration period, COPE holds WEP Advisement Workshops for students. These workshops are designed to help students determine their status with regard to mandatory Office of Employment Services (OES) activities.

Once students are registered, each is assigned a Case Manager who serves as the student's primary contact for helping to resolve HRA related concerns. The Case managers provide individual and group advisement on a variety of issues including WEP, Fair Hearing request and preparation, TRE policy explanation and processing, preparing School Letters and ACD 548, Attendance Verification letters, Collecting and processing scan sheets, monitor attendance and compliance of students assigned to Work Study and/or internships.

Maria Cano, Director
Room: A-334
Telephone: 718-518-4361

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