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The Distinguished Professor of the Year Award 2009-2010

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Full Time Nominees
Prof. Yoel Rodríguez
Prof. Yoel Rodríguez
Prof. Karin Lundberg
Prof. Karin Lundberg
Prof. Daniel Maysonet
Prof. Daniel Maysonet
Prof. Iris Mercado
Prof. Iris Mercado
Linda Anderson
Linda Anderson
Prof. Ralph Schwartz
Prof. Ralph Schwartz
Prof. Andrea Fabrizio
Prof. Andrea Fabrizio
Prof. Angel Morales
Prof. Angel Morales
Prof. Norma Peña de Llorenz
Prof. Norma Peña
de Llorenz

Prof. Sandy Figueroa
Prof. Sandy Figueroa
Prof. Paula Korsko
Prof. Paula Korsko
Prof. Barbara Radin
Prof. Barbara Radin
Prof. Rupert Phillips
Prof. Rupert Phillips
Adjunct Nominees
Prof. Matthew Flaherty
Prof. Matthew Flaherty
Prof. Daniel Casey
Prof. Daniel Casey
Prof. Teresita  Martínez
Prof. Teresita Martínez
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Angel Morales, Lecturer

Angel Morales Lecturer, Humanities Department; B.A., University of the Sacred Heart in Puerto Rico; M.A., NYU

Angel Morales has been a lecturer of Theatre and Speech at Hostos Community College for the past eight years. He has been teaching Introduction to Theater (Writing Intensive), Acting I & II, and Fundamentals of Public Speaking. The students in Professor Morales' classes have the opportunity to be involved in extra-curricular activities such as field trips to the theater, participate in speech competitions, attend acting workshops with theater professionals in New York City, and be selected to participate in the Kennedy Center American College Theater festival held every year at different colleges in the New England region.

He received his B.A. in Communications from the University of the Sacred Heart in Puerto Rico, and his M.A. in Educational Theatre from NYU. He has been a teacher, stage manager, lighting designer, producer and director in Puerto Rico and New York City. Currently, he is the Artistic Director of the Hostos Repertory Company and the Acting Coordinator of the Visual and Performing Arts unit of the Humanities Department. In 2007, he directed the highly acclaimed world premiere of Borinquen vive en El Barrio by Tere Martinez for which he received an ACE (Asociación de Cronistas de Espectáculo) award nomination. The production was also invited to be featured at TeatroStageFest, an international latino theatre festival in New York City in June 2008.
Recently, he directed In The Blood by Pulitzer Prize winner Suzan-Lori Parks, No Child... by Nilaja Sun, and the US premiere of You Always Forget Something by Virgilio Piñera.

As an educator he has been the recipient of the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) award for Excellence in Teaching, and an active member of the CUNY League of Active Speech Professors (CLASP), and the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE).

Professor Morales is thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to be a member of the Hostos faculty. He believes that if we are not having fun teaching then we are doing something wrong. Getting the students outside the classroom and onto the stage has been the most rewarding teaching experience for him.

Prof. Angel Morales was nominated to the Best Educator of the Year Award because: “Professor Angel Morales works so hard at incorporating theater and the general education principles at Hostos Community College. His theater productions raise awareness of timely topics that our students encounter in their daily lives, and through his productions, he enables students to reflect on their experiences and in some instances, the productions have been a catalyst in changing students' lives and perspectives.

In addition to his theater productions, Professor Morales serves on a number of committees such as the General Education Committee, and he works hard with the Speech Contest and preparing students to enter the CUNY-wide Speech Contest.”

Andrea Fabrizio, Assistant Professor

Andrea Fabrizio B.A., Fordham University; Ph.D., Graduate Center of The City University of New York

Andrea Fabrizio received her BA in English from Fordham University in 2000 and her PhD in English with a Certificate in Women's Studies in 2008 from the Graduate Center of The City University of New York. Her dissertation, “Prophetic Authority and the Rhetoric of Passivity in Seventeenth-Century English Women's Writing” examines the works of five female prophets who challenged nearly every level of English society, including the government, the church, and family structure through their representations of their connection to God. She has been a member of the Hostos community since 2003 when she worked here as a Writing Fellow. She currently co-coordinates the Writing-across-the-Curriculum Initiative with Prof. Linda Hirsch. Her areas of interest are writing pedagogy, Women's Studies, and early modern and eighteenth-century English literature.

Prof. Andrea Fabrizio was nominated to the Best Educator of the Year Award because: Professor Fabrizio works so very hard on the Writing Across the Curriculum Task Force.  She is tireless in working with faculty to develop writing materials to incorporate writing in their disciplines.  Professor Fabrizio organizes workshops to update faculty on the latest developments of writing across the disciplines which includes assessment, best practices, and readings to keep us all up to date.

In addition to her work with writing across the curriculum, Professor Fabrizio also serves on the General Education Committee and provides information on WAC initiatives incorporating general education principles.

Iris Mercado, Assistant Professor

Iris Mercado Assistant Professor, Health Education, CDN; Ed.D., Columbia University; M.S., Public Health and Nutrition

Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico where she received her BA degree in Nutrition and Dietetics in 1985 from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus and a MS degree in Public Health and Nutrition in 1987 from UPR Medical Science campus. She received her Doctorate degree from Columbia University in Health Education in 2003. Dr. Mercado research interests are in the area of exercise and weight control management. She has worked as a bilingual nutrition consultant providing counseling, health education trainings and workshops to various health centers and organizations in East Harlem, South Bronx and Washington Heights. At the present moment, she is working an on weight control for Latinos.

In words of her nominators Professor Iris Mercado deserves to be elected as the Best Educator for the Year Award because:

“Professor Iris Mercado is a burst of energy with a huge heart for the students. She gives the students tough love, but at the same time provides them with the support systems to be successful

Professor Mercado's energy and good will has her saying yes to more projects than she should take on, but it is the enthusiasm that enables her to successfully continue with each and every project. First, for the past couple of years, Dr. Mercado has been actively recruiting for the Community Health program and she has personally recruited most of the 68 students currently enrolled. She advises each of them with such thoroughness and passion. Iris has been working on a CUNY Campaign against Diabetes that has been more successful at Hostos than the other CUNY schools. She has organized workshops, paid trainings for students, posters, and so much more. Professor Mercado has faculty, staff, and students walking around campus wearing pedometers and you can join one of her weekly walking groups to take a brisk walk to Yankee Stadium and back during a lunch hour.

The Take the Stair Campaign is also spearheaded at Hostos by Professor Mercado. A couple of months ago, Professor Mercado collaborated with others on campus to create a weekly weight maintenance group for interested students. Each week the group meets and the focus is on healthy lifestyle choices. The first week, with only two days of advertising, had 35 students in attendance! There is a need for this service. Dr. Mercado has also been working behind the scenes for the past couple of years trying to change the choices in the vending machines and have the cafeteria offer healthier selections. It is a slow process, but some changes have been made. Professor Mercado also has been a Senator since she began at Hostos and is currently a member of the Senate Executive Committee Dr. Mercado is working on a Community College Collaborative Grant with faculty from LaGuardia and Kingsborough, who are interested in beginning adegree program in Community Health. Professor Mercado is in the process of collecting data on the needs of local agencies for community health workers and the skill sets they need. This information will prove essential for our students as they seek employment. Because of her expertise, she has been working with a committee for the new community college. Professor Mercado is highly respected in the field. If you ever observe Dr. Mercado's classes, you will see students on the edge of their seats taking in her every last word. She consistently keeps the students involved through high-level questioning techniques and her passion. Professor Mercado was awarded the Early Childhood Club's Teaching Excellence Award by receiving the most student nominations.

Prof. Mercado is a role model for our students and she is constantly seeking new initiatives to improve the health of the entire campus. Indeed, Professor Mercado is an asset for our students, department, college, and community and these are just a few of her current endeavors.

Linda Anderson, Professor

Linda AndersonB.A., Boston University, Dual Major, Psychology/ Spanish Language and Literature; M.S., M. Phil., Ph.D., Columbia University/Clinical Psychology

Dr. Linda Anderson is an academician, clinician and consulting psychologist. She earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from Columbia University. She has served as a staff psychologist in the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Beth Israel Medical Center and has taught at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Professor Anderson recently returned to Hostos from teaching as a Visiting Professor at Bard College at Simon's Rock, the only residential college for young scholars in Great Barrington, MA. She appears in numerous media outlets while discussing a truly diverse range of mental health related topics that currently include the psychology of African American success.

Norma Peña de Llorénz, Lecturer

Norma Peña de Llorénz BA, Cum laude, Queens College; MA, Teachers College, Columbia University.

Prof. Peña de Llorénz has been a full time faculty member of Hostos since 1981. During her tenure at Hostos she has been involved in numerous teaching and administrative activities.

Prof. Pena De Llorenz was nominated to receive the Best Educator of the year Award because: “Her outstanding service to the department, the College and the Community at large. She was the first coordinator of the Intensive Program, director of the Bridge Program, coordinator of the Corridors programs, and coordinator of the ESL program. In addition, she has been a member of college-wide committees including previous Middle States sub-committees. Moreover, she was a senator for several years in the Hostos Faculty, Staff, and Student Senate. She was secretary of the Senate Executive Committee. She is a former member of the Hostos Association and of the Hostos Disciplinary Committee where she successfully chaired several hearings. She served as PSC Union Chapter Chair for two terms (6 years), and a member of the first Diversity Committee at Hostos. Currently, she is a member of the Affirmative Action Committee, a member of the CUNY Diversity Committee, and a member of the Hostos Success Academy Advisory Board. She has been Deputy Chair of the Department of Language and Cognition for the last 10 years.

Finally, she has been active in South Bronx community organization boards, as a member, officer, and chair, for well over a decade.”

Ralph Schwartz, Lecturer

Ralph Schwartz B.S., Brooklyn College; M.S., Biology/Physiology, LIU; PhD, Biology /Neurobiology, NYU.

His Masters research involved the effects of “Isolation stress on aggressive behavior in rats and its impact on the endocrine system.” This dovetailed with the work he was doing at the Laboratories for Therapeutic Research where he studied the effects of environmental stress on animal behavior and the endocrine system.

His PhD research concentrated on studying the effects that administering dopamine receptor antagonists to pregnant rats had on the development of dopamine receptors in their offspring. This also was related to the work he was doing at NYU Medical Center (Millhauser Laboratories), Dept. of Psychiatry, under the guidance of Dr. Arnold Friedhoff. At NYU he studied the impact that various drugs had on the development and function of various central nervous system receptors.

From 1973-1993 h worked at the Millhauser Labs at NYU Medical Center studying central nervous system receptors (development & function). From 1981-present he have been teaching biology and anatomy & physiology at CUNY at first as an adjunct and then since 2007 as a full time Lecturer here at Hostos.

Prof. Ralph Schwartz has been nominated to the Best Educator of the Year Award because: "Professor Schwartz excels in his commitment to our college. He is always there for the students, and participates in all the activities organized by the department and the college. Prof. Schwartz is an example of dedication to his profession and is highly appreciated by his colleagues in the department and outside of the department."

Sandy Figueroa, Professor

Sandy Figueroa Currently, Professor Sandy Figueroa is an Assistant Professor in the Business Department, Computer Information Systems Unit at Hostos Community College. Professor Figueroa has been a faculty member at Hostos Community College since 1979. As a faculty member, Professor Figueroa has been involved in a number of College-Wide committees such as College-Wide Curriculum Committee, College-Wide Personnel and Budget Committee, Search Committee for Vice President of Student Development and Enrollment Management, and Search Committee for President of Hostos Community College. She is chair of the Scholarship and Awards Committee. She also serves as co-chair of the Middle States Working Group IV and is co-chair of the Liberal Arts Task Force. In addition, Professor Figueroa is chair of the Hostos Mentoring Steering Committee and co-chair of the Service Learning/Civic Engagement Committee. She also serves on a number of committees such as the General Education Committee, and the Writing Across the Curriculum Task Force to name a few. From 2003 until 2006, Professor Figueroa was chair of the Business Department.

Professor Figueroa served as CUNY Liaison to the Lehman-Hostos Teacher Academy. She is a member of the Bronx CUNitY Project with Bronx Community College and Lehman College. She is also a member of the CUNY BMI Funded Projects.

Professor Figueroa has presented at two CUNY General Education Conferences and at one CUNY IT Conference. She will present at the International Writing across the Curriculum Conference in Bloomington, Indiana.

Professor Sandy Figueroa is a member of Delta Pi Epsilon, a graduate Business Education honor society.

Prof. Sandy Figueroa was nominated to the Best Educator of the Year Award because: “Her outstanding service and commitment to the Hostos Community and her excellence and dedication in Teaching.”

Karin Lundberg, Assistant Professor

Karin Lundberg M.A., Heidelberg University, German and English Philology and Second Language Methodology; Ph.D., New York University.

After graduating from Heidelberg, she was invited to pursue her doctorate in German literature at Freie Universität Berlin. During her graduate work in Berlin she taught the Goethe Institute Proficiency classes in German language and literature.

In 1992, she received a scholarship to the doctoral program in the department of Germanic Languages and Literatures at New York University from where she holds her Ph.D. degree. Her doctoral work on “Discourse Competence as a Reading Skill: The Role of Coherence in Second Language Discourse Comprehension” and her continued teaching engagement in language proficiency, laid the foundation for her primary interests as an educator in academic ESL.

As an instructor in intermediate and advanced ESL/ELA classes at Hostos, she has contributed to curriculum development and program design in interdisciplinary freshman learning communities for both Freshman Academy and the Hostos Success Academy. Her research work involves history of knowledge and the role of multimedia literacy in academic ESL. She recently received the PSC CUNY Research Award to pursue her work in the area of 19th century general education as it evolved around Alexander von Humboldt's concept of universal science at the beginning of the century. Further as a Co-Chair of the Annual Hostos ESL Forum she has been a driving force in the establishment of a CUNY-wide discussion in Academic ESL.
She is actively involved in the Hostos student community and serves as faculty advisor on the Hostos International Student Club. She is currently the acting Director of the Hostos Success Academy.

Prof. Karin Lundberg was nominated to the Best Educator of the Year Award because: “Dr. Lundberg organized the CUNY-wide ESL Forum, which brought together educators teaching and supervising English language learners. This forum was designed to address the issues surrounding a new generation of ELLs such as the 1.5 generation and long-term ELLs. It was a resounding success according to its attendants. Moreover, the forum organizers have created a website that allows attendants to engage in the discussion of issues raised during the forum. Furthermore, Dr. Lundberg is a co-designer of the "Freshmen Academy", for which she developed the ESL curriculum and a multi-disciplinary syllabus in collaboration with the Natural Sciences Department. She is currently the acting director of the "Hostos Success Academy," in which she supervises individual student programs and works toward an inter-disciplinary approach to the teaching of language and content courses. Having said this, I can say with certainty that Dr. Lundberg's achievements meet the criteria for the nomination of the Magda Vasillov award for best educator of the year.”

Yoel Rodríguez, Assistant Professor

Yoel Rodríguez Physical Sciences; B.A., Havana University; Ph.D., at the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department of the Faculty of Chemistry

In October 2003, he was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of the Spanish Government at Mount Sinai School of Medicine (MSSM) in New York. His post-doctoral work focused on the computational design of small-molecule chemical ligands that selectively modulate the biological function of the bromodomain of the human transcriptional coactivator CBP, an important regulator of chromatin-mediated gene transcription and has major implications in cancer biology. The results of these studies have been published in prestigious scientific journals such as Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, and Proteins: Structure, Functions and Bioinformatics.

During the Fall 2007 semester he joined the Natural Sciences Department of Hostos Community College as an Adjunct Assistant Professor and in the Spring 2008 semester he became an Assistant Professor.

In the words of his nominators Prof. Yoel Rodríguez deserves the Best Educator of the Year Award because: “As an instructor Yoel has dedicated his talent and enthusiasm to revitalize courses that by nature are feared and avoided by most students, and has made them popular courses. I have always marveled at his patience with the large crowds of students that pack his office space. He is a genuine mentor. As a colleague, he is very supportive of ideas and initiatives that are conducted by many of us. His friendly demeanor and his gentle character make him a great colleague, the one we seek for constructive conversations. I do not plan to list each of Yoel's accomplishments, but highlight the qualities that resemble those of Magda Vasillov. As with Magda, Yoel's actions are not driven by personal interest, but by the interest of those around him

He works very hard with students trying to get the best of the students' potential and also showing them respect and friendship, which makes the students see the real talent in their hands. For these reasons I think that this professor deserves the award.”

Matthew Flaherty, Reference Librarian & Assistant Archivist

Matthew Flaherty B.A. , University of Connecticut; MLIS advanced certificate, Pratt Institute; He currently takes graduate class at the Graduate Center, City University of New York, in the Liberal Studies program

Matt Flaherty is Reference Librarian and Assistant Archivist in the Library Department. He was appointed as Substitute Instructor in the fall of 2009. Prior to his appointment, he worked in the college archives part-time documenting the history of the college. In the archives, Matt has been working with several digital platforms to make the history of the college available instantly to students, faculty, and researchers worldwide. In addition to his responsibilities in the archives, he works on the library reference desk approximately ten hours per week assisting and instructing students and faculty with their information needs. Matt is also active in the classroom where he teaches library information literacy workshops. In this capacity, Matt has brought his passion for archives and primary sources to the students. He recently helped implement and co-teach a new workshop on locating, evaluating, and using visual and primary sources in research.

Matt enjoys many distractions outside of his work at Hostos including bicycling, baseball, patronizing museums and libraries, and the company of good friends.

Mathew Flaherty has been nominated to the Best Educator of the year Award because: “As assistant archivist and in this part time position Matt has made an important contribution to developing and processing archival collections. In the short time he has been here, Matthew has demonstrated innovation and creativity and a true dedication to the educational and cultural mission of Hostos Community College.

He has been instrumental in expanding the scope of the Hostos Archives digital initiatives. He has cataloged institutional records on d-space and is currently implementing the online exhibition and publishing platform, Omeka, to display archival and library collections online. He also participates in and supervises the processing of new archival collections, and he plays a central role in all aspects of the administration of the College Archives. Beyond the Archives, Matthew has been a valued addition to the reference and instruction team. He is always ready to make an extra contribution, and he is involved with several new initiatives in these areas.  In reference, he coordinates the circulating iPod Touch pilot project and he has developed two new workshops on archives and primary sources for our open workshop program.  In a short time, he has mastered the curriculum of several open workshops, and is a regular instructor in the program. He suggested improvements in the plagiarism workshop that have been incorporated the library's teaching program.

Matthew is an excellent colleague and educator. He works well with students, faculty, and researchers who come to the archives. He has innovative ideas and is not afraid to learn a new skill or tackle a new challenge. He brings confidence and intelligence to all aspects of his work, and the library department overwhelmingly supports him as our 2010 nominee for the Professor Magda Vasillov Distinguished Educator of the Year Award.”

Tere Martínez, Adjunct Lecturer

Tere Martínez Tere Martínez has been an adjunct lecturer in the Language and Cognition Department for the past 19 years. She also teaches in the English and Humanities departments. For the past four years she has been an instructor for CEA, helping students develop their reading and writing skills. Her innovative drama-in-education teaching techniques are a key component of any course she teaches at Hostos Community College. It is not uncommon to see her students practicing for a drama presentation in the hallways of the college.

Tere is also the author of the play, Borinquen Vive en El Barrio ,which Hostos Repertory Company produced in 2007, under the direction of Angel Morales. For this show Tere received the 2008 HOLA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Playwriting. Tere is currently developing The Antonia Pantoja Pro ject, a drama-in-education project to be presented at Hostos Community College in the fall of 2011.

Prof. Tere Martinez has been nominated to the Best Educator of the Year Award because: “She is a dedicated and vibrant adjunct at Hostos for numerous years.  She is a well-liked instructor who has inspired students, faculty and staff with her entertaining and educational plays. Tere has taught in the Department of Language and Cognition, the English Department and the Humanities Department.  Additionally, she has been an instructor in the CEA for four years and College Now for two years.

Her theatrical adaptation of When I Was Puerto Rican has toured both the U.S. and P.R. for the past ten years. Her two one-act plays For Mi Chichi and My Last Night with Ruben Blades were produced by Pregones Theatre and since then toured the country.  For Mi Chichi was also produced last year by Teatro del Pueblo in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Hostos Repertory Company produced Borinquen Lives in El Bario.  This was chosen to be part of Teatro Stage Fest 2008, and then toured for City Parks Theatre.  This play won the Outstanding Achievement in Playwriting award given by the Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors.  The Latino Experimental Theatre commissioned There's Always the Stars..., a play about bipolarism and other mental disorders affecting teenagers today.  Borinquen Lives in El Barrio won the Outstanding Achievement in Playwriting award given by the Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors. Recently, Tere was commissioned by SHARE to write an educational dramatic print series for Latin women on the importance of early breast cancer detection.  Currently, Tere is working on a one-act play on HIV awareness, which will be produced by Teatro IATI next March.  Tere is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America.”

Rupert B. Phillips, Adjunct Lecturer

Rupert B. Phillips Lecturer, Behavioral Sciences; B.A, City University of New York; M.A, City University of New York; Doctoral Candidate in Social Studies, 1997-2000, Teachers College - Columbia University.

Prof. Rupert Phillips has over twelve years of teaching experience at the college level. For Eleven years he worked as an Adjunct Lecturer/Substitute Lecturer at Hostos Community College; and as an Adjunct Lecturer at Mercy College teaching United States History, African History, African-American History, European History, Classics in Social and Behavioral Sciences, Social Science, Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, Political Power in America, Humanities, and Urban/Ethnic Studies. He has strong communications skills as an author, lecturer, teacher with individuals and groups in the disciplines of the social and behavioral sciences, and the humanities. He has developed new curriculum and applied interdisciplinary programmatic initiatives in department planning and evaluation. He has excellent relationship builder with students, faculty, and administration.

Prof. Rupert Phillips was nominated because: "He has been at Hostos all his adult life. He graduated from this community college and did graduate studies at Columbia University. He has been an adjunct, substitute instructor and now a full-time lecturer in BBS. He has worked with students as a mentor and has been an excellent instructor. He has been an excellent "educator" in the full sense of the word."

Daniel Maysonet, Professor

Daniel MaysonetA Doctoral Degree from Teachers College, Columbia University, in teaching college teaching of mathematics and an M.S. in mathematics.
An M.S. in Mathematics from New York University
B.A in Mathematics from the University of Puerto Rico.

Member of the Hostos Community College since 1987 as a Professor in the Mathematics Department, and for the last 11 years up to the present as Chair of the Department.

College-Wide Committees:

Member of the College Senate
Member of the Senate Executive Committee
Member of the Discipline Committee
Member of the College-Wide-Curriculum Committee
Member of the Faculty Academic Advisement corps
Member of the Instructional Evaluation Committee
Member of the Faculty/Staff Mentoring Corps
Member of the Senate Committee on Committees
Member of the Hostos Steering Committee for the New York Alliance for Minority Participation.


-Introduction to Trigonometry, Pearson Publishing
-Infinite Series, Simon and Schuster Publishing, Prentice Hall
-Lecturas Matematics Basicas, Simon & Schuster Publishing
-Concepts one should have in Calculus if you are going to use mathematical analysis, Mathematics Department Journal
-The Empirical Validity of the non-Euclidean Geometries. Two year Mathematics Journal.


-Module in graph theory
-Algebraic structures for transformations
-Geometry: Axioms and Models

Membership in Professional Societies:

-Member of the American Mathematical Society
-Member of the Mathematics Association of America
-Member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
-Member of the New York State Mathematics Association of Two-year Colleges
-Member of the Engineering Articulation Committee of CUNY
-Member of the Performance Scoring Services of the Education Testing Services for AP Calculus Examination. Educational Testing Services


Educational Testing Service, Princeton, J.J. for Advanced Placement Program/College Services Division. Responsible for scoring students' performances on problem solving in the AP Calculus Examination.

Prof. Daniel Maysonet was nominated as candidate for the Best Educator of the Year because: “He is hard-working, explains clearly, and is patient and helpful.”

Barbara Radin, Assistant Professor

Andrea FabrizioAssistant Professor Barbara Radin has been at Eugenio Maria de Hostos Community College for nearly thirty years.   Professor Radin has extensive experience in teaching English as a Second Language to immigrant populations. While at Hostos, Professor Radin was Intensive Program Coordinator for a number of years, and has served on College-wide and Departmental committees. Today, she continues to serve as Course Manager for ESL091 in the Language and Cognition Department. Professor Radin's book, Decision Dramas, enjoys wide acceptance in the ESL community and is particularly popular in Asia and Latin America. In 2009, Professor Radin received a COBI Award as co-director for her project, "Focus, Articulate, and Learn!" 

“The Language and Cognition Department nominates Professor Barbara Radin as one of our candidates for the Distinguished Professor of the Year Award 2009-2010, for her tireless dedication to our students, as well as her total commitment to fulfilling the Mission of our College which is to serve underrepresented Latino and other immigrant populations.”

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