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The New York City Louise Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (NYC LSAMP) in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

What is the NYC-LSAMP?
The New York Coty Louise Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (NYC-LSAMP) in STEM is a federally funded research and training program offered in all CUNY institutions. It is sponsored by a grant from the National Science Foundation in collaboration with the City University of New York.

What is the mission of the NYC-LSAMP program?
The overall goal is to ensure a long-term capacity to produce significantly greater numbers of underrepresented students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics careers through lasting changes achieved in the participating institutions.

  • Recruit underrepresented students majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  • Create a community of scholars where academic excellence is encouraged and expected, and where students will receive support from faculty as well as their peers.
  • Provide Hostos students majoring in STEM with the kind of support that can hone their knowledge and skills they need to graduate and to transfer to a four year college.
  • Maintain an internet based community center for all LSAMP students and institutional partners.
  • Provide academic scholarship support to Hostos students, making research an integral part of STEM education in New York City.
  • Offer competitive grants to faculty willing to integrate research in their courses
  • Pay travel expenses for students attending and presenting their work in local and international conferences.

LSAMP Program Activities Include:

  • Collaborative Learning Approach to STEM Education
  • Restructured Gatekeeper Courses in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics
  • Curriculum Coordination and Articulation across the City University of New York
  • Faculty Research Initiation and Articulation Program
  • Research Assistantships for LSAMP Scholars
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Research Fellowships
  • Peer and Faculty Mentoring
  • Science and Engineering Learning Centers at CUNY campuses
  • The Urban University Series Conference
  • NASA Summer and Academic Year Collaborations
  • Bridge to the Doctorate
  • Brookhaven National Labs Research and Teaching Opportunities for Students and Faculty
  • Brookhaven National Labs Summer Participation for Community College Students
  • International Training and Education

Who is eligible for the NYC-LSAMP scholarship?
Full students who US citizens or permanent residents and are Black, Hispanic, Indian, Alaskan native or Pacific Islander with GPA 2.88 or higher. The amounts of the scholarship varies between $ 1,000 to 2,000 depend on the number of credits completed.

How do I apply for the NYC-LSAMP scholarship?
Students are strongly encouraged to speak with the Activity Coordination on campus.

Research Opportunities

LSAMP Activity Coordinator
475 Grand Concourse
A-bldg., room 126



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