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Requirements for the Associate in
Science (A.S) Degrees in Liberal Arts and Sciences

The requirements for the Associate in Science Degree make it versatile and appealing to students planning to enter professions in the Sciences or to Medical related programs and provides students with the two first years of study required to major or minor in these fields at the senior college level.

A minimum of 60 credits is required for the A.S. degree and must include the specified number of credits in each area as indicated below.

Distribution of Credits for the A.S. Degree Credits
General Education Requirements * 24
Science/Mathematics Requirements 24
Free Electives 12
Total for A.S. Degree ** 60

* In addition to the stated degree requirements, depending on preparation and placement, and/or as part of the transitional bilingual model, a student may be required to take additional courses needed for progress in degree programs.

** Students eligible for state and federal financial aid should be alerted to the fact that there are limits in the number of semesters for which they are eligible to receive aid.

A. General Education Requirements (24 Credits)

General Education Requirements Credits
English 6
ENG 1302
ENG 1303
Expository Writing
Literature and Composition
Mathematics - choose one (1) sequence from the following: 8
MAT 1628
MAT 1642
Pre Calculus
Calculus I
History - choose one (1) sequence from the following: 3
HIS 4660
HIS 4661
HIS 4663
HIS 4665
World History to 1500
Modern World History
United States History: Through the Civil War
United States History: Reconstruction To The Present
Behavioral and Social Sciences - Choose one (1) course from the following disciplines 3
Humanities - Choose one (1) course from the following disciplines 3
Physical Education 1
Total General Requirements 24

B. Science/Mathematics Requirements (24 credits)

Science / Mathematics - choose three (3) course sequences from the following: 3
BIO 110 and 120:
BIO 3906 and 3908:
CHE 4002, 4004, 4102 and 4104:
CHE 4033, 4034, 4133
and 4134:
ENV 4014 and 4016:
MAT 1644 and 1646:
PHY 4302, 4303, 4402 and 4404:
General Biology I and II
Anatomy and Physiology I and II
General Chemistry I and II
Essentials of General Chemistry
Essentials of Organic Chemistry
Environmental Science I and II
Calculus II and Calculus III
Physics I and Physics II
Total Science/Mathematics Requirements 24

C. Free Electives

The Free Electives component of this A.S. degree allows students to explore additional areas of interest and apply ESL, ENG and MAT developmental courses that are not applicable elsewhere in the curriculum.

NOTE: Three (3) elective credits must be from Liberal Arts areas of study. Developmental and remedial credits do not qualify as Liberal Arts credits.

Free Electives 12
Total Credits for A.S. 60
Note: SSD 1000: Effective Fall 2003, all first-time freshmen Liberal Arts majors must take SSD 1000, Freshmen Orientation course. For other graduation requirements, please see "Graduation Requirements (link below)".
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