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Lesson Plan

The Objective: What is the aim of the lesson? It should be specific and limited to the immediate lesson, such as the introduction of a new concept or skill or the reinforcement and further development of a previous topic. Use an action verb to describe what the students will be able to do. (Describe, explain, demonstrate, use, NOT know or understand)

Common Core Standard: Identify the Common Core Standard(s) being taught in the lessonís Objective by using the New York State Prekindergarten Foundation for the Common Core. See the website below for Common Core Standards.

Match the Childrenís Age and Developmental Stage: Identify the developmental stage that is appropriate for the objective and age of children for the lesson. See PBS website below for information about developmental stage for ages 1 Ė 9.

Multicultural Goal(s): Identify the multicultural goal(s) in your lesson plan

  1. Developing multiple historical perspectives
  2. Developing cultural consciousness
  3. Increasing intercultural competence
  4. Combating racism, prejudice, and discrimination
  5. Developing Awareness of the state of the planet and global dynamics
  6. Developing social action skills

The Materials: Carefully selected and suitable materials will increase interest and clarify concepts learned. Materials used should be: large enough for everyone to see, in good condition and ready for use; interesting enough to lend vitality to the lesson; properly placed and displayed during the lesson; suited for developing the objective; and any materials to be used by the students should be passed out at the time they are needed not prior.

Motivation: Motivation is the means utilized by the teacher to stimulate interest in the lesson and related to the topic. It should: create and maintain a high degree of interest throughout the lesson; be related to pupil interest and experiences; be derived from socially significant happenings in or out of the classroom; be related to the topic or aim; and be based on pupilís recognition of their own needs. Make it short, fun, active, and interesting-but make sure it is related to the objective!

Procedure of Development: The activities should: show sequential development of each part of the lesson; permit wide pupil participation; utilize prior concepts and learning; be varied enough to promote interest; be appropriate to the maturity and intellectual levels of the pupils; and further the understanding of the objective. Try to keep the students active in the learning process. Step-by-step.

Evaluation: How will you evaluate whether or not the students are able to meet the objective. This may be accomplished formally or informally. Can the students DO the objective?