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Welcome to the English Department!


The English program is designed to enable student to use written and spoken English as a flexible, creative tool to express ideas and to improve their facility with written and spoken language. Emphasis is given to the essentials of English, the nature of the language, writing as communication, and imaginative literature as a vitalizing and humanizing experience.

By providing all students with a solid grounding in reading, composition, and critical thinking, English Department courses help students to achieve college level proficiency by enabling them to use language as a tool for expressing ideas; to think analytically and creatively in academic and career contexts; and to read literature with sensitivity and enjoyment.

The specific goals of the English Department are threefold: first, to further develop students’ language and literary skills; second, to give students a liberal arts perspective through the offering of electives; and third, to contribute to the transfer process by offering courses accredited in other institutions. Students are required to demonstrate their achievement of course objectives through essays, research assignments, and other measures of assessment.