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Perkins Grant (2007)

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This year’s Perkins Grant comes in at $1,164,846.  These funds will support numerous student centered academic efforts on campus.  Following are summaries of our activities.

  1. Outcomes Assessment is designed to improve Hostos’ instructional practices by undertaking a targeted pre-vocational and vocational outcomes assessment strategy on campus.  During 2007-08, Hostos will: assess 6-8 new courses; conduct ongoing assessment in 11-15 courses; conduct program assessment in 14 academic programs; provide in-service trainings open to all Hostos faculty and staff; and conduct quantitative analysis of all previously assessment courses to evaluate the impact of course assessment on student grades, retention and graduation. Departments and programs targeted this year include Public Administration, Business, Teacher Education, Health Education, English, Humanities, Mathematics, and Natural Sciences.
  2. Cooperative Education is designed to increase job placement by providing vocational students (traditional and non-traditional) with career preparedness opportunities that relate to their academic pursuits while being sensitive to the overwhelming need for most students to work. During 2007-08, Hostos will expand and enhance its Cooperative Education model on campus, creating paid internships opportunities within Accounting, Office Administration, Microcomputers for Business, Public Administration, Business Administration, and ECE field experiences courses.  It will also enhance job placement overall for graduating vocational students, by linking them with employment opportunities available through cooperative education partner employers.
  3. Academic Program Improvement represents a continuation of the technological enhancement efforts at Hostos, to ensure that the College, its faculty, and its vocational students have the resources and skills to navigate advancing technologies in the classroom and workplace, and ultimately to improve student enrollment, retention, and graduate rates in vocational courses. During 2007-08, Hostos will: expand Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) technology in its Dental Hygiene program and newly created Accelerated Studies in Associate Programs (ASAP); conduct course web-enhancements and asynchronous course conversions in various Allied Health and Business programs (e.g., Nursing, Radiologic Technology, Microcomputers for Business); and develop multiple technological enhancements in ECE, from course conversions to lecture podcasting.
  4. Academic Learning Support expands academic learning supports on campus, in order to offer multiple avenues for Hostos vocational students to access a continuum of services that help them remain in school and graduate. During 2007-08, Hostos will improve vocational student pass rates on CUNY-required tests and course grades by providing test preparatory workshops, website supports, a Pocket PC loan program, vocational course-linked tutorial supports, and an online orientation site and help desk. It will also undertake a targeted approach to improve CUNY basic skills test pass rates and retention for incoming freshmen through the further development of the Hostos Success Academy for students lacking basic college readiness.

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