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CUNY Grant Submissions

Grant proposals submitted during Fall 2006 and pending approval

August, Gail. What Does Spelling Tell?, PSC– CUNY Grant

Bencivenni, Marcella. Writing from the Left: The Voices of Italian Immigrant Radical Women in the United States, 1890s-1930s. PSC– CUNY

Figueroa-Sanchez, Magali. Bilingual Latino Community College Teacher Candidates. PSC– CUNY.

Frenz-Belkin, Patricia. Collaborative Learning With and Around Computers. PSC– CUNY.

Goldemberg, Isaac and Daisy Cocco De Filippis. The Jewish Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean.CUNY Diversity Projects Development Fund.

Grindley, Carl. The Black Death in Filmed Versions of Romeo and Juliet and Twelfth Night. PSC– CUNY.

Kennedy, Eileen. Emergent Writing in Bilingual Preschoolers. PSC– CUNY.

Marks, Gregory. The Turk’s Head. PSC– CUNY.

Nunez-Rodríguez, Nelson. Laying a Scientific Bridge from the South Bronx. PSC– CUNY Diversity Projects Development Fund.

Ovtcharenko, Vladimir. Australian Ground Spiders. PSC– CUNY.

Pimentel, Felipe. Academic Prospects and Institutional Challenges for Puerto Rican and Latino Studies at The City University of New York (CUNY). PSC– CUNY.

Roy, Debasish. Antibacterial Resistance: Kill It Before It Kills You. PSC– CUNY.

Sanabria, Carlos. The Influence of Anarchist and Socialist Ideology on the Labor Movement in Early Twentieth Century Puerto Rico, PSC– CUNY.

Trachman, Julie. The LT UCR and its Possible Role in Regulating LT Expression in Response to Acid Stress. PSC– CUNY.

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