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Grants other than PSC-CUNY Grants

Angulo, Nieves. Bridges to Engineering Success for Transfers with City College of New York. National Science Foundation.

----. Metro Math. National Science Foundation.

Baker, William and Bronislaw Czarnocha. Development of interactive web-based material to assist learning the fundamental mathematical skills required in the Allied Health Program. CUNY – Faculty Development Program from the University Dean for Undergraduate Office.

Casari, William and Amanda Timolat. Hostos Community College Documentation and Community Survey. New York State Archives Documentary Heritage Program.

Cocco De Filippis, Daisy. The African Presence and Influence on the Cultures of the Americas. New York Council for the Humanities.

Dias, Olen & Violeta Menil. The Effectiveness of the “Do Math” Approaches-The Bridge to Close the Cognitive Gap between Arithmetic and Algebra. CUNY Community College Collaborative Research Grant.

Grindley, Carl. The Memoirs of a Supervillain. CUNY Faculty Fellowship Publications Program (FFPP).

Molina, Carlos. The Hostos Perkins III Program 2006-2007. New York State Department of Education.

O’Reilly, Christine. New York State Health Workforce Retraining Initiative. State of New York Department of Health.

Ovtcharenko, Vladimir. PBI: The Megadiverse, Microdistributed Spider Family Oonopidae. National Science Foundation.

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