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Phone: 718-518-6677
Office: C - 412

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Phone: 718 - 518 6685
Office: C - 415

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Digital Design & Animation Program

Through a series of intensive lecture and studio-based classes the Digital Design and Animation Program provides students with a strong foundation for future occupations in motion graphics, animation, graphic design and/or web design.

Teacher Education

The curriculum emphasizes the use of industry standard technology and media to help students develop the artistic and technical skills necessary to plan, analyze, and create visual solutions to communications problems.

In this program, students have the opportunity to take a core of courses that include media history, color theory, 2D design and an overview of indispensable design software applications for creating many kinds of media.

With portfolio review at the end of each semester, this program will also help students develop essential tools in presentation and self-promotion that will complement their training in communications to further prepare them for additional higher education and/or careers in business and industry.

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Suggested course sequence for Associate in Applied Science Degree in Digital Design & Animation