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Liberty Partnership Program

Liberty Partnership Program

At the core of Hostos Community College’s Liberty Partnerships Program is a year-round academic and culture-arts enrichment program that is enhanced by a comprehensive support services component. Currently the program serves 225 educationally disadvantaged Latino and African American students per year. Special attention is given to the needs of students with limited English proficiency, which traditionally is not offered enrichment programs.

The Liberty Partnerships Program at Hostos Community College has joined with five local partner high schools, universities and community based organizations, cultural institutions and local businesses to form an innovative educational collaborative. Our college faculty, high school teachers and college tutors challenge and motivate participating youth to remain in school.

Support services and career awareness are integrated with the disciplines of computer sciences, SAT Mathematics and English Prep, cyber mentoring, stained glass, dance, photography and Introduction to Health Career with CPR certification to form the essential of the program. Tutoring by Hostos Community College and other college students, world of work and college/career counseling complete the array of support services provided.

  • To increase the number of at risk high school student who graduate
  • To increase the number of at risk high school student who graduate and enter postsecondary education.
  • To maintain strong cooperative relationships with partner high school, community based organizations, other stakeholders to ensure LPP students achievement of higher learning standards and satisfactory performance on statewide exams.
  • To reduce reliance on developmental and remedial instruction among LPP students pursuing postsecondary education
  • To ensure that LPP graduating students are admitted to a postsecondary institution of higher education or placed in an employment opportunity with a career path
  • To promote parental involvement in the educational and decision making processes of their children, while provide opportunities for their own improvement
  • To promote the professional development of high school teacher, faculty and LPP staff to enhance their professional knowledge to improve student performance and achievement.
  • To nurture an appreciation of the cultural diversity of LPP students and their families while strengthening their personal growth and social participation in their community, now and in the future
Partner High Schools:
  • Health Opportunities
  • Hostos-Lincoln Academy of Science

Jose Encarnación, Director
Room A-016
Tel. 718.518.4189

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