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Course Sequence At Hostos Community College
Associate of Science (AS) Degree in Chemical Engineering

Chemistry II
Year - Term Credits
First Year - Fall Term *  
MAT 210 Calculus I 4
ENG 110 Expository Writing 3
CHE 210 Chemistry I 3
CHE 212 Chemistry Lab I 1
ENGR 10100 Engineering Design I 1
  Liberal Arts Elective 4


First Year - Spring Term Credits
MAT 220 Calculus II 4
ENG 111 Literature and Composition 3
CHE 220 Chemistry II 3
CHE 222 Chemistry Lab II 1
*ENGR 10300 Analysis Tools for Engineers 2
  Liberal Arts Elective 3


Second Year - Fall Term Credits
MAT 310 Calculus III 4
*ChE 22800 Intro to Chemical Engineering Principals & Practice 4
*ChE 310 Organic Chem I 3
  Liberal Arts Elective 3
PHY 210 Physics I 4


Second Year - Spring Term Credits
MAT 360 Differential Equations 3
*CHEM 33000 Physical Chem I 3
*CHE 320 Organic Chem II 3
*CHE 312 Organic Chem Lab I 2
PHY 220 Physics II 4
*ChE 22900 Chem Engr Thermo I 3
Total Hostos Credits

*Course will be co-listed. Students will be given a Permit to attend CCNY until such time as there is sufficient enrollment to offer the course at Hostos.

General Education/Liberal Arts Requirements: Eligible courses that can be used to fulfill the general education requirement must be equivalent to or selected from only those courses listed as meeting the objectives of the following four clusters: i) Professional and Ethical Responsibilities Cluster (Outcome f), ii) Communication Cluster (outcome g), iii) Global and Societal Context Cluster (outcome h), and iv) Contemporary Issues Cluster (outcome j). A list of approved courses is posted on the school of Engineering website at http://www.cuny.edu/engineering and can be viewed at the Office of Undergraduate Affairs (T-209) or the Office of Student Programs (T-2M).