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Hostos Journal of Student Research

Welcome to a new publication of the Natural Sciences Department, Hostos Journal of Students Research (HJSR).

The purpose of the Journal is to showcase achievements of students involved in research under the guidance of the Natural Sciences Department instructors. In addition, we hope that having the Journal will inspire all our students to write and publish high quality scientific manuscripts.

HJSR is a journal for the students and by the students. All articles that appear on its pages are written by students of Hostos Community College. There are two types of articles that are included in the Journal: 1) reports of original student experimental research and 2) scientific reviews done in class as an assignment or as an essay on the subject of interest. The subsequent issues of HJSR will also include your letters written in response to the articles you have read in the Journal.

The Journal will be published two times a year: a Spring issue to be published during the winter recess, and a Fall issue to be published during the summer recess. Enjoy reading the Journal, and think about publishing your own papers on its pages. Instructions on manuscript submission can be found on the last page of this issue.