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Academic Program Review


Academic Program Review (APR) is an integral part of the on-going process of outcomes assessment at Hostos Community College.  As a result each department and unit within that department will undergo a self-study process.  This self-study, although not a part of the formal accreditation process, will eventually inform that process.  The APR will require the departments and their units to use the information from the course-level and program-level outcomes assessment process in a final and formal way. The APR Report constitutes a final document that contains all of the information from the course-level and program-level outcomes assessment. 

This process and report are intended to provide departments/units/programs with an opportunity to review and reflect on the totality of their work over the course of the past several academic years.  It is also a time for the department, as a group, to identify their strengths and weaknesses and to begin to plan the future direction(s) of the department. Using this information, a summary statement about the overall effectiveness of teaching and learning in the department/unit will be prepared that will also become a part of the document.

  While the APR is a time for the department to reflect on its work and activities and plan for the future, the APR is also an administrative function.

As, such, it is mandated and overseen by the Provost (and her designees).  However, the APR is not designed or intended to be a punitive process.  Rather it is an administrative function that will provide the basis for the department to move forward in the future in concert with the overall goals and objectives of the college and the Division of Academic Affairs.

The following WebPages were designed to guide you through the APR process.  Please select any of the following links to read more about the APR.


September 19, 2008



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