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Outcomes Assessment

Outcomes Assessment activities on campus began during Spring 2003. The Outcomes Assessment Task Force was established at which time an assessment cycle for all Academic Offices was generated. Since that time both the Outcomes Assessment Plan and committee have been revised. . Visit the OUTCOMES ASSESSMENT PLAN to see the complete document.

The Outcomes Assessment Task Force was dissolved during the Fall 2006 semester and then absorbed within a larger Academic Planning Committee. The Outcomes Assessment Subcommittee is focused on building a culture of outcomes assessment that will guide the academic departments through the assessment process. Visit the Outcomes Assessment Sub-Committee Members Page.

To help build the scholarship of this culture of assessment, we want to ensure easy access to the resources for assessment. We designed this webpage with that purpose in mind.

Whether this is your first semester conducting outcomes assessment or you have gone thru the process before you will find useful information throughout this webpage.

There are presentations that provide background information about the process at both the course and program level (see below).

Forms are also provided as a systematic way for the whole campus to report and share their assessment findings. Visit the FORMS SECTION to see the available documents.

If you have any questions about the assessment process, fill out the FEEDBACK FORM.

Development of this section was funded by Carl D. Perkins, Hostos Perkins III Program.

Available Documents:

 bullet Outcomes Assessment Plan of Action for Academic Affairs flash file*

 bullet 1 Assessment Tool Box for Course Level Assessment flash icon*

 bullet 2 Outcomes Assessment Summaries & Updates flash icon 1*

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