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Institutional Research

Office of Institutional Research (OIR)
Student Profile Reports

 The Student Profile Reports are summary reports generated for each semester, starting with Fall 2002 to the present. These reports are designed to give faculty, staff, students and the public snapshot of some of the most important information and data about the students at Hostos Community College.

The specific data elements in the reports are:

  • Enrollment (including FTEs)
  • Gender
  • Full time/Part Time Status
  • Day/Evening Students
  • Ethnic/Racial Background
  • Current Term Admissions Status
  • Residency Status
  • Citizenship Status
  • Student Age (at start of term)
  • Type of High School Diploma
  • Number of Terms Attended by Continuing Students in Current Term
  • Student Retention (available when subsequent term data available)
  • Performance of Entering Freshmen on CUNY Skills Test (Percent Passing)
  • Degree Status
  • Current Term Enrollment in Development or Remedial Courses
  • Current Term in Spanish Content Courses
  • Academic Programs
These data and other data on the OIR’s WebPages are organized to provide you with relevant information about the college and its students to aid in a variety of tasks, including decision-making, report and grant preparation, etc.

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