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Office of Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research provides information on students, faculty, and staff to the College community for use in a variety of settings. Data are prepared and organized for each semester in a Student Profile Summary Report and a Graduation Profile Summary Report . Some examples of the kinds of student information available include: student demographic information (e.g., gender, ethnicity, place of birth, age, home language, etc.), program enrollment, performance on CUNY skills tests and the CPE, progress towards graduation, profiles of entering students (both first-time freshmen and transfers), and student graduation information.

In addition to information for each term, information showing trends in enrollment and other areas Faculty and staff information includes demographic information, highest degree earned, full-time/part-time status, and number of instructional hours being taught.

For all data available on the OIR website, only aggregate data are reported. Individual information, whether for students, faculty, or staff, are never reported or made public.

OIR also works with faculty on outcomes assessment. The focus of the outcomes assessment activities are to provide faculty with data on the extent to which their students mastering the course objectives. OIR staff work with faculty to provide them with technical assistance, data entry, and analysis. At the end of the process, OIR staff provide faculty with a report on their course(s). Faculty then use this information as part of the process to improve and strengthen the teaching and learning in their courses.

The Office of Institutional Research also conducts numerous analyses for administrative uses and for individual programs at the College. A number of these reports are available on this website. view the list of available documents.

Richard D. Gampert, Ph.D, Director
Room: B-407
Telephone: 718-518-6692
FAX: 718-518-6829

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