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Student Evaluation of Workshops
Fall 2010

Number of responses: 435

Legend: [1] Disagree, [2] Somewhat disagree, [3] No opinion, [4] Somewhat agree, [5] Agree

1. The information I learned will be useful.
0.5%0.2%0%4.8%94.5%Average rating: 4.93 / 5.0
2. The materials I received will be useful.
0.2%0%0.7%2.5%96.6%Average rating: 4.95 / 5.0
3. The instructor was clear.
0.2%0.2%0.7%4.4%94.5%Average rating: 4.93 / 5.0
4. The workshop met my expectations.
0%0.5%1.4%9.4%88.7%Average rating: 4.86 / 5.0
5. I would recommend this workshop to other students.
0%0%1.4%3.7%94.9%Average rating: 4.94 / 5.0


  • great information i learned alot about the exel and shortcuts12/9/2010 10:03:55 AM
  • Great Work Shop.12/9/2010 10:03:28 AM
  • Thank you, it really help me to understnd some confuses that i had with Microsoft....12/8/2010 11:52:55 AM
  • i understood everything pretty clear12/8/2010 11:52:51 AM
  • It was more helpful to know things i didnt know before.12/8/2010 11:52:16 AM
  • this class was productive12/7/2010 2:50:57 PM
  • interesting workshop12/7/2010 2:49:36 PM
  • The instructor was very informative about the information he explained us12/7/2010 2:47:09 PM
  • Good work shop12/7/2010 2:13:42 PM
  • I enjoy learning how to powerpoint on the computer12/6/2010 4:31:05 PM
  • I would like to learn a little bit more about MS Powerpoint. I also recommened others that if they're interested in coming to this workshop, take advantage and learn what its like about the workshop.12/6/2010 4:30:24 PM
  • is good to refresh my memory in making powepoints.12/6/2010 4:28:34 PM
  • ive learned great things today about microsoft word ive always had difficulty but now i understand 12/2/2010 10:21:31 AM
  • Very helpful for future work.12/2/2010 10:21:10 AM
  • Find It Interesting.12/1/2010 4:35:58 PM
  • THANKS!!12/1/2010 4:30:04 PM
  • i like the class, it helped me understand things that i didnt understand12/1/2010 4:27:27 PM
  • the blackbord workshop was really helpful for me because the profesor make it very clear and very understanding12/1/2010 4:22:20 PM
  • This workshop really helped me a lot to understand the blackboard technology. The professor was clear and helpful.12/1/2010 4:21:59 PM
  • this workshop was every useful.12/1/2010 4:21:50 PM
  • excellent job12/1/2010 4:21:44 PM
  • It was a great workshop and i learned a lot.12/1/2010 4:16:39 PM
  • The session was too short.Lots of materials were not covered.11/30/2010 2:56:43 PM
  • i believe it is very beneficial.11/30/2010 2:54:28 PM
  • d11/30/2010 2:10:38 PM
  • Very intersting workshop,yet,too short.11/29/2010 4:31:54 PM
  • The Workshop was such a great help i recommmend it to everybody its an extra help.11/18/2010 10:24:16 AM
  • i think the professor was great.11/18/2010 10:23:34 AM
  • Thank you :)11/18/2010 10:21:48 AM
  • This was an great workshop!!!! The Smart Board is awsome11/17/2010 10:37:15 AM
  • The explanation was clear, i was waiting to see more of the features that the smartboard has to offer, like the math tools, and more. in general it was a good presentation.11/17/2010 10:35:31 AM
  • I think that he did a great job. he explain everything clear.11/17/2010 10:34:35 AM
  • I enjoyed Prof. Iber Poma's presentation. I look forward into using Smart board in the future! I love it... :)11/17/2010 10:33:54 AM
  • i think this wa very helfull i thid will help me in th future as ateacher11/17/2010 10:33:22 AM
  • because this worshop should be helpful for all students in their future careear.11/17/2010 10:33:21 AM
  • would be wonderful to have in all of the educatioin classes. thanks11/17/2010 10:31:56 AM
  • I really want to use the Smart Board in my own class to encourage my students11/17/2010 10:31:54 AM
  • i think the this class is really interesting and is really good to know new things11/17/2010 10:31:42 AM
  • I liked this workshop, it will now help me to do things on Microsoft Word I never tought I will do.11/16/2010 2:54:23 PM
  • it was useful for shortcuts for essay or reports for the future dealing with work and schoolwork11/16/2010 2:53:10 PM
  • i now know how to acces blackboard11/11/2010 10:22:33 AM
  • found it very useful.11/10/2010 4:18:07 PM
  • I liked this workshop because I learned good things.11/10/2010 4:11:22 PM
  • Iliked this because ,I learned many important thing.11/10/2010 4:09:51 PM
  • Technology is also a key to learning the use of computers.11/9/2010 2:57:43 PM
  • the workshop was very interesting11/9/2010 2:57:09 PM
  • it was a useful workshop :)11/8/2010 4:22:03 PM
  • Great workshop, Very helpful.11/8/2010 4:21:22 PM
  • excelent workshop!11/5/2010 11:50:31 AM
  • interesting11/2/2010 4:28:01 PM
  • it was a great workshop :)11/2/2010 4:26:52 PM
  • There should be a more advance course to this calss.11/2/2010 4:26:33 PM
  • The instructor show us a few shortcuts to do the work more easier which is well to know.11/1/2010 2:49:06 PM
  • I learned some new tips I ignored from excel11/1/2010 2:48:31 PM
  • Loved it!11/1/2010 2:48:31 PM
  • Answered all my questions was really great!!!!!10/28/2010 10:19:43 AM
  • God bless you...10/27/2010 4:22:29 PM
  • I love that we have free anti-virus.10/27/2010 4:22:24 PM
  • I was very on point and useful. Would take it again!10/26/2010 2:42:32 PM
  • the presentator mr poma was very well spoken. he made the information very clear and the handouts are very helpful for at home use.10/25/2010 4:29:34 PM
  • the powerpoint workshop was really nice and fun i really learnt a lot10/25/2010 4:27:38 PM
  • The workshop was very helpful.10/21/2010 10:21:29 AM
  • the hostos e-mail is very useful and reliable10/20/2010 4:12:28 PM
  • it was very helpful10/20/2010 4:11:08 PM
  • very useful information that would help me interact with teachers by using email10/20/2010 4:11:06 PM
  • He was vary informational.10/19/2010 2:53:56 PM
  • this was very good'10/19/2010 2:49:55 PM
  • i learned something new.10/18/2010 4:31:25 PM
  • very useful10/18/2010 4:29:42 PM
  • Thank you for the information.10/18/2010 4:28:06 PM
  • I learned about how to spell check when using discussion board10/18/2010 4:27:51 PM
  • The time given needs to be extended. I really enjoyed the class and hope to recommend to my friends.10/15/2010 12:00:42 PM
  • really useful best workshop yet10/15/2010 12:00:34 PM
  • The class was very useful10/15/2010 12:00:26 PM
  • it was so good10/15/2010 12:00:15 PM
  • Now I understand the use of power point presentetion 10/15/2010 12:00:02 PM
  • good10/15/2010 11:58:49 AM
  • good workshop10/15/2010 11:58:14 AM
  • The only suggestion I have is the workshops should be just a little longer so we can learn more.10/15/2010 11:58:12 AM
  • This workshop was very helpfull. I know im going to use all the information i learned today for a long time. I would recommend it to everyone.10/14/2010 10:33:27 AM
  • Every information was clearly taught.10/14/2010 10:31:43 AM
  • I learned all the usefull information that blackboard has to offer today.10/13/2010 4:21:56 PM
  • I've learned a lot from this workshop because it was very important for me to understand about blackboard and what it is used for.10/13/2010 4:21:16 PM
  • it's very helpfull the prof took his time very patient10/13/2010 4:20:46 PM
  • loved it i am no longer lost10/13/2010 4:17:55 PM
  • My instructor went at a good pace, he was clear and knew his stuff. He spoke loudly and showed us everything we needed to know on the projector. I think this class is of great value. Everyone should take advantage of it.10/12/2010 2:56:21 PM
  • The professor was very clear & helpful and made me actually focus on what I was learning.10/12/2010 2:55:54 PM
  • good work shop10/12/2010 2:55:24 PM
  • i really enjoyed being in this workshop10/12/2010 2:55:18 PM
  • good workshop10/12/2010 2:54:47 PM
  • very helpful10/12/2010 2:54:24 PM
  • I like it is clear and interesting to me10/12/2010 2:54:08 PM
  • it was interesting10/8/2010 11:46:01 AM
  • Formatting tools were helpful. I suggest adding using citations to the workshop which could be relevant to essays.10/7/2010 10:21:18 AM
  • Thanks.10/7/2010 10:18:08 AM
  • this will help me when i get on line10/6/2010 4:24:30 PM
  • this was good 10/6/2010 4:23:51 PM
  • very interesting10/6/2010 4:23:33 PM
  • the workshop was sucesful i like it10/5/2010 1:14:53 PM
  • good workshop :)10/5/2010 1:13:57 PM
  • Thank god for this workshop. I had no clue how to use blackboard prior to taking this workshop it helped alot.10/5/2010 1:13:37 PM
  • Thanks! 10/5/2010 1:12:16 PM
  • this workshop was very good and it can help me in the long run thank you10/4/2010 4:25:53 PM
  • The workshop was very helpful, thank you.10/4/2010 4:25:16 PM
  • This workshop was very helpful and useful to me10/4/2010 4:25:15 PM
  • this workshop is really help full beacuse we will have to present something one day10/4/2010 4:25:08 PM
  • I learned how to change backgrounds for future presentations.10/4/2010 4:23:43 PM
  • cooooool10/4/2010 4:21:48 PM
  • The quick reference guide and simple formula excercise was helpful. Wish we had more time to try a sample chart in the workshop.9/30/2010 10:24:34 AM
  • Thank you, it was straight forward, understandable, and the hand out was a big help.9/30/2010 10:24:28 AM
  • It was clearly and understand9/29/2010 4:14:36 PM
  • No, but thanks.9/29/2010 4:14:03 PM
  • I really thought this was very informant. The teacher was veryu clear on how everything works and I am sure this information will help me be productive among my classes.9/28/2010 2:54:02 PM
  • The work shop was very effective and helpful, thak you.9/28/2010 2:51:39 PM
  • thank you9/28/2010 2:51:16 PM
  • I got a better understanding of how to use Blackboard9/28/2010 2:50:57 PM
  • it was a very interesting workhop9/27/2010 4:29:51 PM
  • Very important and informative for school projects. Very interesting to be used in everyday life.9/27/2010 4:27:54 PM
  • Thre should be move advance workshops in this area9/27/2010 4:27:26 PM
  • Thank you for your time to learn about microsoft.9/27/2010 4:26:20 PM
  • That was helpful so i am happy to learn it Thanks9/24/2010 11:24:27 AM
  • yes,i liked the the workshop9/23/2010 2:49:39 PM
  • this work shop help a lot to understand the blackboard system... thank you very much!!!!9/23/2010 2:47:47 PM
  • Very informational. very useful. I feel more comfortable going to hostos cuny website.9/22/2010 4:25:51 PM
  • I learned new things9/22/2010 4:25:10 PM
  • Thank you for the knowledge that i receive from you.9/22/2010 4:24:35 PM
  • I like this sistem and i wil be using it thank.9/21/2010 1:32:35 PM
  • I believe that this workshop is very useful and that other students should take it. I believe that this workshop would help better me as a person and my math skills hopefully.9/21/2010 1:32:27 PM
  • very helpful in the information that was given and also very good instruction in how to access the necessary things to work with the pocket pc9/21/2010 1:28:07 PM
  • I find it very interesting and useful to my education career, and I am very greatful for such opportunity to increase my educational stability and my Strategic knowledge potential which will make me somewhat expert to this Course9/21/2010 1:27:48 PM
  • with the help of the pocket Pc unit this course will be much easier9/21/2010 1:27:28 PM
  • This Workshop seems very useful and I will use it diligently to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to pass the compass exam.9/21/2010 1:26:48 PM
  • this is the best idea to help us to pass the compas9/21/2010 1:26:33 PM
  • i really like this class9/21/2010 1:26:22 PM
  • The instructor needs to slow down a bit and wait till every one is on the same page so there ain't no confusion.9/21/2010 10:46:34 AM
  • overall I learned a lot9/21/2010 10:41:40 AM
  • i left feeling confident that i was going to be able to complete my workshops and that my professor was going to be able to receive my scores.9/21/2010 10:41:27 AM
  • the information i was given in this workshop was very helpful.9/21/2010 10:40:53 AM
  • Useful to practice math and improve skills9/21/2010 10:40:35 AM
  • I really love this pocket pc :-D9/21/2010 10:40:35 AM
  • workshop was great9/21/2010 10:40:02 AM
  • This workishop was useful for me because now i can work with math at any given time.9/21/2010 10:39:55 AM
  • needed to explain more9/21/2010 10:39:24 AM
  • i learned a lot9/21/2010 9:30:54 AM
  • Lets go Yankees9/21/2010 9:27:45 AM
  • This workshop was a good way to learn about new methods of practicing for my math test.9/21/2010 9:19:24 AM
  • it will be usefull to use the packet pc . the instructor was clear the way he told the class how to use it.9/21/2010 9:18:04 AM
  • It was helpful even tho my teachers for this year was not using blackboard at this time.9/20/2010 4:25:15 PM
  • I loved it. The instructor was good and I could understand everything.In the future I will not fear to use Blackboard.9/20/2010 4:24:57 PM
  • thank you for teach me how to used blackboard9/20/2010 4:23:38 PM
  • The workshop was very understandable, I just wonldn't to say thank you profess Poma.9/16/2010 10:29:25 AM
  • I thank for this workshop because you gave me a very important tools to used it in my future near.9/16/2010 10:28:14 AM
  • Thank you I learned new things that I didn't know about Powepoint and the Vista version before! Have a safe weekend.9/16/2010 10:26:52 AM
  • these pda's wi;ll be very useful i will enjoy it.9/15/2010 1:36:46 PM
  • it rocks!9/15/2010 1:36:09 PM
  • I Loved It! Thanks!9/15/2010 1:35:03 PM
  • Very Helpful.9/15/2010 1:34:00 PM
  • i understand fully9/15/2010 1:33:18 PM
  • it was great9/15/2010 12:20:47 PM
  • As always, it was a learning experience.9/15/2010 12:11:24 PM
  • i learn everything i need to know at this workshop9/15/2010 12:10:57 PM
  • i like the workshop because the instructors was very helpful.9/15/2010 12:10:34 PM
  • the workshop was overall great9/15/2010 12:09:33 PM
  • This is a good idea for us to be learning and this is ma first time trying this activity and im looking forward to know more about it..9/15/2010 12:08:23 PM
  • very helpful information and it is a good idea to use the compaqs9/15/2010 12:06:26 PM
  • it was very clear9/15/2010 12:06:17 PM
  • This workshop was useful for me. The instructor was clear. Blackboard is one of the most important tools for classes. I am a freshman and I didn't know how to use it.9/13/2010 4:17:57 PM
  • this workshop help me a lot and i study how to send homework through the blackboard. Thank you ..9/13/2010 4:15:46 PM
  • good instruter9/13/2010 4:15:36 PM
  • This is a important workshop that you can know everything.9/8/2010 11:57:56 AM
  • I learned something new in the school system that was very valuable and will be using from now on this workshop was very helpful9/8/2010 11:57:30 AM
  • it's a great experience, specially if use blackboard9/7/2010 11:56:42 AM
  • The explanations in the workshop were simple and easy to understand. First-timers will really learn alot9/5/2010 12:29:51 PM
  • it was very helpful9/3/2010 7:27:57 PM
  • This is very interesting workshop.9/2/2010 3:53:32 PM
  • The professor was very helpful.9/2/2010 3:53:27 PM
  • this is a good workshop and i would love for others to show up9/2/2010 3:53:00 PM
  • The instructor was informative and paitent9/1/2010 11:50:30 AM
  • NOTHING SPECIAL9/1/2010 11:50:01 AM
  • This workshop was really helpful.8/31/2010 2:57:24 PM
  • prof. Poma explained everything very clear, now i can do my asigments on blackboard...8/31/2010 2:56:12 PM
  • Very useful workshop8/31/2010 2:55:41 PM
  • Thanks for this workshop it came in handy when i was having trouble using the blackboard. Now i'm much more clear on how to use this.8/30/2010 12:17:07 PM
  • thanks8/30/2010 12:16:17 PM



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