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Course-Related Technology Workshop

To Hostos Faculty:

We are pleased to offer customized student workshops to teach your students some techniques for carrying out specific course assignments and to introduce the students to the most important and helpful types of resources for your assignments.

OIT understands that students sometimes have difficulty with even the most basic skills in technology, research projects or papers. It may be, too, that faculty are not aware of what new technology is available. Perhaps a faculty member is unsure of the level of help to offer his or her students when devising an assignment that includes the use of technology, or is unsure of whether a particular assignment will work the way the faculty member would like.

All of the above scenarios are good reasons to contact Mr. Iber Poma, the Instructional Technology Coordinator of Student Support, to make an appointment to bring a class for a technology instruction session. These classes will be taught by one of the members of OIT with expertise in the subject area, and sessions can be given during a time when the class normally meets. We can also provide these workshops in Spanish. But planning ahead is essential!

Note: Faculty are also invited to consult with their OIT liaison to revise or create low and high-stakes technology-based assignments.

How to Arrange a Course-Related Technology Workshop for Your Students:

If you would like to schedule a workshop for your students, or get some help in thinking through an upcoming project involving technology, please call or email Mr. Poma.

Iber Poma
Coordinator of Student Services
Extension: 7971

Faculty are encouraged to assign their students to sign up for a minimum of one of our six basic Open workshops (Blackboard, Everything You Need To Know, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Hostos Email/Internet) early in the semester in order to be better prepared for the course-related workshop. We provide each student in our Open Workshops with a signed Attendance Form. OIT will begin offering course-related workshops 5 - 6 weeks into the semester, after your students have had the opportunity to take at least one of our basic workshops.

Basic Requirements for Course-integrated Workshops:
  1. Faculty must accompany their classes and stay through the workshop session.
  2. Faculty should contact Mr. Iber Poma at least two weeks before they want to hold the course-related instruction so that scheduling will not be a problem. We will need to assure that the OIT staff best suited to give that particular class will be available and have the time to prepare the materials and lesson plan for the session.
  3. The workshop will be designed to address a specific technology assignment, so the faculty requesting the workshop must discuss the assignment beforehand with the OIT member who is going to teach the workshop.

Poll your students before you schedule a workshop: If the majority of students in your class are NOT already familiar with the basics of computer usage, please first assign the students to sign up for one of the six Open Sign-Up Workshops before the date of the course-related workshop. We teach at least three different Open Workshops each week, so students should not have any difficulty in attending at least one of them.

Designing Effective Technology Workshops:


  1. Assume your students have minimal technology knowledge: OIT has a schedule of Open Workshops that cover basic technology skills. It is a good idea to require that your students sign up for one or two of these workshops at times that are convenient for them. They will bring you a signed attendance form for every workshop they attend.
  2. Consult with the assigned OIT member before the Workshop: The Hostos OIT staff care about making teaching and learning as painless and productive as possible. We will work with you to design an appropriate, useful assignment that will achieve your course goals/objectives. For more information, contact Mr. Iber Poma (ext. 7971 or ipoma@hostos.cuny.edu).
  3. Explain the assignment clearly, preferably in writing. Our students need clear, specific, written instructions for their technology assignments.
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