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Student Workshop Descriptions

The first three workshops are our introductory workshops. We recommend starting with them, then signing up for the others.

  1. Blackboard - Course Management System used by all City University of New York (CUNY) colleges. It allows students easy access to course materials, course information and communication tools through the Internet. Topics covered:
    • Log-in Process
    • Navigating Courses
    • Announcements Area
    • Course Documents
    • Discussion Board
    • Assignments Tool
    • Email Tool
  2. MS Word – Find out some of the common techniques and tools to setup, create, save, navigate, manipulate, format, edit, and print homework. Topics covered:
    • Learn What You Can Do With Microsoft Word
    • Proofing Documents: Spelling and Grammar Check
    • Text Selection Techniques
    • Format Attributes: Bold, Italic, Underline, Font Color and Font Size.
    • Paragraph Formatting: Alignment, Indents, and Line Spacing
    • Create Numbered & Bulleted lists
    • Inserting Headers, Footers & Footnotes
    • Inserting Special Symbols and Special Characters
    • Working with Graphics
  3. MS Excel – Find out the terminology, concepts, and utility of the newest version of this very powerful and flexible program for organizing and analyzing data using formatting, page layouts, sorting, formulas and functions. Topics covered:
    • Navigate in an Excel Spreadsheet
    • Enter and Edit Information into Cells
    • Resize, Delete and Insert Rows and Columns
    • Format Cells: Font Style, Size and Color
    • Write Mathematical Formulas and Functions
    • Sorting Data
    • Create Basic Charts
    • Print a Excel Workbook
  4. MS PowerPoint - You will create a simple slideshow presentation. This workshop is a hands-on exploration of the program, where you will learn how to prepare a multimedia presentation from scratch. Topics covered:
    • Start and Exit PowerPoint
    • Identify Elements of the PowerPoint Window
    • Navigate Among Different Presentation Views
    • Use the Office Assistant
    • Understand Basic Principles of Presentation Design
    • Create a Presentation from Scratch
    • Working with Objects
    • Enhancing a Presentation
    • Basic Editing & Spell Check
    • Slide Transition & Animation Schemes
    • Printing Slides
  5. Hostos Electronic Mail/Internet - Hostos has established e-mail accounts for all active students to enhance communication and educational development. Students are encouraged to use their Hostos e-mail accounts to support their educational activities and to communicate with instructors, administrative staff and other students. Topics covered:
    • Find Your Hostos Email Address
    • Log-In Using Webmail
    • Register for Self-Service Password Management (SSPM)
    • Help Desk Information
    • Sending and Receiving Attachments
    • Find Contacts Using the Exchange Server
    • Library's Online Research Databases
    • Hostos Reward Points Program
  6. Everything You Need to Know – Designed for the expert student, the net generation student, who wants to find out information quickly and easily about the many systems available in Hostos Community College. Topics covered:
    • Blackboard Quick Reference
    • Hostos Email System
    • E-SIMS
    • Online Course Registration System
    • Hostos Reward Points Program
    • CUNY Portal E-Mall
    • E-Journals and Reference Databases
    • Help Desk Information
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