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Writing Across The Curriculum

Writing Across The Curriculum

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) is a writing initiative which involves college faculty, students, writing fellows, and program personnel in collaborative "writing to learn" experiences. The WAC program at Hostos Community College includes six writing fellows, led by their coordinator, and various faculty members in diverse disciplines and departments. The WAC program strives to provide students with writing instruction and support regardless of academic level. Fellows and faculty work closely together to design effective writing assignments geared toward the improvement of both the personal expression and the critical skills of their students. WAC credo asserts that writing, in all disciplines, is a fundamental tool for the learning process because it allows students to practice both.

Curricular change is one of the aims of WAC. Oftentimes faculty members will find themselves effecting changes in their course structure or syllabus as a result of working with writing fellows. Students generally notice that their writing and their critical skills improve and become clearer in all subject areas. Writing fellows, in their turn, often become better students and instructors as a result of collaborating with students and faculty. Everyone can benefit from WAC.

WAC proponents believe that, like learning, writing involves a process. This makes writing valuable to learning because it is when people put their thoughts down on paper, where they can view them, that they can more easily manipulate and modify them. As we interact with our thoughts in the process of writing, they can be clarified, focused, refined and strengthened. We compose our thoughts as we compose the written product. This is why proponents of WAC view writing as a means to process and understand information.

So jump on board and benefit from WAC! We are all here to learn and change (or write!) for the better.

WAC's Website: www.hostos.cuny.edu/wac/

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