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Information for Instructors

The Writing Center welcomes the opportunity to work with faculty members and program directors to provide additional writing support for Hostos students inside and outside of the classroom.

Faculty and staff interested in collaborating with the Writing Center on writing-related projects for students should contact Janice Mauras, Writing Center Coordinator, at 718-518-6678 or

writing center

Introducing your Students to the Writing Center
Now that the Writing Center is open, we would like to invite faculty and students to visit the Writing Center to become acquainted with our services. We can also send a tutor to visit your classroom and explain to your students how the Writing Center can serve them.

Any instructor interested in bringing a class to visit the Writing Center or scheduling a classroom visit by a Writing Center staff member should contact the Writing Center at 718-518-6678 or email

Summer CAT-W Seminars
Help for students who have not passed the CAT-W writing exam is being offered in a different format this summer.   CAT-W seminars will be taught this summer by faculty through the Hostos Community College Writing Center.  The long-term goal is that the seminars should be seen as a reward and a boost for students who have worked hard, not as a way to avoid the work required in ENG 91 and ESL 91.
JUNE SEMINARS:  June seminars will be for students currently enrolled in ENG or ESL 91 who are recommended by their instructors.  Instructors are asked to recommend only those students who have attended class regularly, submitted required assignments, and shown progress during the semester.  Seminars will be held June 4-14, Monday – Thursday, with the test on June 15.  Day seminars will meet from 10am to 3pm and evening seminars from 5-10pm.  Students will need to be recommended by a faculty member in order to enroll for either a day seminar or an evening seminar in June.
JULY SEMINARS:  July seminars will be for students who received an “R” in ENG or ESL 91 but are not currently enrolled in either course.  In order to register for the July seminar, students will need to complete 20 hours of tutoring at the Writing Center and make enough progress through tutoring that they are deemed to have a reasonable chance of passing the exam.  If students are not ready to pass, they may either continue tutoring or they will be encouraged to register for ENG 91 or ESL 91 in the fall.  July seminars will be held July 9-19, Monday through Thursday, with the exam being given on the last day of the seminar.  Day seminars will meet from 10am to 3pm; evening seminars will meet from 5 to 10 pm.
Registration information will be posted on the Hostos Main Page later in May.
If you have questions, please feel free to stop by the Writing Center any time.