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Regular Registration Procedures

WELCOME!  This fact sheet is intended to assist you in the registration process.  It outlines the process step by step.  Follow registration information instructions mailed to you. Public Safety Personnel will allow lines to form at the bridge according to student’s registration appointment date and time only.

STEP 1.  Check-In/Distribution of Materials

  • Report to bridge at designated appointment time with registration appointment card, academic advisement form, DRC (provided during academic advisement period), grade mailer, and College ID.

  • Pick-up registration materials: Course schedule, registration worksheet, and hours/day grid.

  • Hold on to your numbered ticket.

  • Students who do not have these documents will have to go to the Savoy Building. The Registrar Office will provide duplicate registration appointment card and grade mailer. Academic advisement office will provide duplicate advisement form and DRC.

STEP 2. Program Preparation/Academic Advisement

  • Proceed to designated rooms or areas in the GYM for program preparation/academic advisement.  Obtain Faculty/Counselor program approval.

STEP 3. Course Selection/Registrar Terminals

  • Follow Public Safety Officer's instructions to gain entrance into the GYM.

  • Proceed to be seated at registrar’s input terminal waiting area.

  • Present approved registration worksheet to input personnel.

  • Students with STOPS/HOLDS on their registration record will be referred to the appropriate offices.

  • Admission’s Satellite- Room C-391

  • Assessment Satellite Station- Room C-391

  • Default Financial Aid Satellite (Room C-392)

  • Dismissals – Room C-351

  • Library  Circulation Desk 3rd floor, “A” building.

  • Readmit/Permit Station- (GYM Area) Assistance will be provided to students who filed timely readmission request and are not on file.  Approval for Permit-out.  Permit-in approval and processing.

  • Student Receivables – GYM Area

STEP 4.  Confirmation of Course Selections

  • Students will be provided with a confirmation of their course selections.  It is the responsibility of the students to verify that all courses have been correctly recorded (verify course code, course section, and meeting time).

  • Proceed to financial aid satellite if financial aid award needs to be updated or for hardship deferral or loan approval, otherwise go to STEP 6.

STEP 5.  Financial Aid Satellite

  • Mini Financial Aid Office with limited services. Students with insufficient financial aid will receive the College’s Hardship Deferral Policy.

STEP 6.  Bursar Station

  • Bursar information will be entered into the terminal and an invoice will be printed. All students must validate the bursar invoice at the cash registers. The validated Bursar invoice indicates you are officially registered for courses.

STEP 7.  Validation of College Photo ID

  • For college photo ID validation sticker, present bursar invoice to Public Safety Officer (Room C-030 or BC-042A).  A $10.00 fee will be charged for a new photo ID, if lost.

Congratulations ● You have completed the registration process.

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