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Web Registration System FAQ's

What services can be accessed via the Web system?

You may use the online system to do the following:

  • Register, Change your program [add/drop]

  • View and print your class schedule

  • View and print Billing and Financial Aid Information

  • Change your PIN

  • Add/change your email address

  • Check your grades

  • View and print your Unofficial Transcript (Official Transcripts must be requested from the Office of the Registrar).


What version of browsers supports the web system?

Netscape 4.x or higher, Internet Explorer 4.x or higher, and AOL browser 4.x or higher.

The online web registration system uses 128-bit encryption. We recognize that some students may have old browsers, or newer ones with only 56-bit support. When you login, if you see an error message that reads "This page cannot be displayed" or a dialog box that says: "An error occurred in the secure channel support", check your browser's cipher strength as follows: In the Internet Explorer click on HELP->about Internet Explorer. The window that pops up should say "Cipher strength: 128-bit." If it doesn't, clicking on "Update Information" will take you to the page with instructions for upgrading IE.


What browser settings do I use?

In your browser's settings options, make sure you have enabled both JavaScript and cookies.


How do I gain access to the system?

In order to ensure the security of your academic records when using the online system, you must use your Student Identification Number [ID#] and a PIN. Your Student Identification Number is your Social Security Number without hyphens (i.e. 123456789). Initially, your PIN is assigned by the College and is mailed to you. We strongly recommend that you change your college-assigned PIN to a number that you will easily remember the first time that you access the system. Keep your PIN in a secure place. If you lose or forget your PIN you must go to the Office of the Registrar (Savoy bldg, Room 207) to select another. No record of your PIN is maintained at the college. YOU MUST PRESENT YOUR HOSTOS COLLEGE ID CARD WHEN CHANGING YOUR PIN.

Note: Some functions may not be available at certain times of the year.


What is the Take/Replace option?

The take/replace option combines the add and drop function by permitting you to drop a course, but only if the one that you want to add is available. This function ensures that you do not lose a course while attempting to add another. To use this option press the REPLACE button corresponding to the course that you wish to replace. The system will then ask for the code number of the section that is to be added. Enter the 4-digit code for the section that you want to add, then press the REPLACE button. If the course that you want to add is available it will be added to your schedule and the course that you want to replace will be removed; if not, neither action will be taken. ONLY ONE TAKE/REPLACE OPTION MAY BE PERFORMED AT A TIME. Therefore, if you have more than one take/replace request, you must enter the first set of courses, process the request and then enter the second request. You may combine the take/replace option with regular ads and drops.


What registration problems might I encounter?

Below are some registration problem messages:

Course is Closed: There are no more seats available in the section you selected. You may ask the system to search for open sections.

Course is canceled: The course you selected has been canceled by the College.

Time Conflict: You have attempted to register for courses that meet during overlapping time periods. You may choose one or the other, but not both.

Batch program maximum limit exceeded: You have exceeded the maximum number of credits allowed for the semester; 18 academic credits for matriculated students. You must obtain permission from the Office of Academic Affairs to register for credits in excess of the limit, and bring the permission to the Office of the Registrar. You will then be able to use the web to register the additional course(s). Students on probation will be informed of the maximum number of credits they can take.

Course requires permission from the department: Permission must be obtained from the department Chair or Unit Coordinator. Registration for this course may be done in the department or web after permission is obtained.

The College has placed a STOP on your record: The system will explain the type of STOP and direct you to the appropriate office to clear it; you will not be able to register until all STOPS on your record have been cleared.

Session timeout: The system will automatically timeout your session if there has been no activity for 15 minutes. This protects your private information and saves valuable system resources.


I clicked on the link to view my class schedule, but it never showed up. Why?

If you are using a web accelerator to enhance your internet access, it may have a default setting that does not open "popup" windows (frequently used for advertising). The system uses popup windows to display your class schedule. Look at the setting options in your web accelerator program to change the default.


Registration did not go as I expected and I have questions. Who do I ask?

For questions about...

Web Registration: registraroffice@hostos.cuny.edu. Because some of the problems may be complex and require extensive research, we will make every attempt to resolve issues within 5 working days.

contact the Student Receivables Office.

Financial Aid: finaid@hostos.cuny.edu.

Admissions: admissions@hostos.cuny.edu.


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