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Student Leadership Advisory Council

The Hostos Student Leadership Academy Advisory Council is made up of members of the Hostos community: Faculty, Staff, Administration and Alumni.

The Advisory Council is convened four times a year to interview and select participants for the Hostos Student Leadership Academy at interviews which take place at the beginning and end of each semester. The Council assess the candidates and makes recommendations for placement in one of the three banner programs of the Academy: Hostos Student Ambassadors, SOS Team Members, Hostos Emerging Leaders Program.

The Advisory Council also serves as mentors to the entire Academy body and provide guidance and support to the members throughout the course of their time in the Academy. The duties may include tutoring, career advice, personalized training in a careers of choice or any other mentoring duties that would benefit Academy members.

Members of the Advisory Council participate in special events throughout the course of the year, including the International Dinner and Pinning Ceremony and the Passing the Torch Ceremony. They may also serve as advisors to the students at local and national conferences and on retreats.

The Advisory Council members also provide workshops and forums to members of the Leadership Academy and the Hostos Community at large on leadership themes related to their professional skill sets.

Alumni members of the Council serve as facilitators at workshops, where vendors are involved, continue to serve as lead representatives with external political and not-for profit organizations and work as Bridge Mentors to their fellow Academy members as they transition from  the community college to the senior colleges, the workforce or to leadership programs run on other college campuses. They may also serve as a bridge agent for students who are looking to do service in a community outside of those associated with the Academy.

The Advisory Council Members also participate in service activities in and around the Hostos campus and provide a working set of insights to students regarding special projects that they themselves are engaged in and have a connection with.

Nieves Angulo
Felix Arocho
Natalie Brown
Maria Cano
William Casari
Kathleen Doyle
Sandy Figueroa
Carl Grindley
Johanna Gomez
Flor Henderson
Cynthia Jones
Pat Mabry
Idelsa Mendez

Angel Morales
Linda Nieves
Nelson Nunez-Rodriguez
Francisco Quiroz
Jose Ramos
Barbara Rivera- Berger
Jerry Rosa
Ian Scott
Rees Shad
Maya Sharma
Rhonda Smith
Safiya Solomon
Julie Trachman
Gregory Ventura
Weldon Williams
Brandy Peer
Fabian Wander
Lourdes Gomera
Olga Murphy
Krishnawattie Dass
Daniel Solorzano
Ebony Murph

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