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Hostos Community College Volunteer Corps

Make a difference by being the difference

Have you ever felt that there was more to do than just go about your daily routine?  Have you ever wondered how it might feel to help a stranger in need?  Have you ever volunteered with your religious organization, school or neighborhood organization? Do you want to make a difference today? Are you interested in serving the community or volunteering on the Hostos campus?

Whether you have a specific idea in mind or you are simply searching for a way to be active in the community and get involved, we would love to have you participate!  Stop in at the Hostos Student Leadership Office in room C-392 to pick up, fill out and hand in a completed Volunteer Interest Form.PDF

Hostos Community College Volunteer CorpsHostos Community College Volunteer Corps

Benefits of Volunteering

Hostos Community College Volunteer CorpsHostos Community College Volunteer Corps

What can volunteering do for you?
Choosing to give of yourself, without asking for anything in return is not only a noble choice to make, but it has a variety of benefits that might not be easily predicted:

First and foremost, when you choose to give of yourself and serve others, you improve the lives of those in the community that you serve, you improve the community that you live in and you open yourself up to a feeling that perhaps can be gotten in no other way. Most volunteers serve to attain this feeling or too improve the world around them, but because in today’s world there is a great need for volunteers and many people have done so in their lives, you suddenly have a network of people who understand that you were willing to do something extraordinary with your time, energy and emotions, which makes you much more appealing that someone who might not want to give of themselves so freely. You will find that you are more appealing to employers, colleges that you might like to transfer to or pursue another degree at. You are also more attractive to scholarship organizations and to internship directors. Through ongoing service, you may also open up opportunities to see the world, by participating in a service abroad mission.

Even if you just want to serve on your own campus, the benefits of doing so are great: You will gain recognition, support, friendships and you will have the great feeling that you helped to improve the journey or another and you improved the qualities of learning and support at this institution.

Community Partners

Hostos Community College Volunteer CorpsHostos Community College Volunteer Corps

AIDS Walk New York City
American Cancer Society
Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation
Bronx River Alliance
Build On
City Year
College Discovery
Community Board 1
Community League of the Heights (CLOTH) Food Pantry
Creative Arts Workshops for Kids
CUNY Coalition for Students with Disabilities
CUNY Corps
Episcopal Social Services: Paul’s House
Feeding NYC
Food Bank of New York City
Groundswell Organization
Harlem YMCA
Harvest Home Farmer’s Markets
Hueman Bookstore
Isabella Nursing Home
James J. Peters V.A. Medical Center
Kings Harbor Manor Multi-Care Center
Love Gospel Assembly Church Soup Kitchen
Masjid Malcolm Shabazz Mosque and Community Center
Million Trees NYC
Natural Neo Organization
New York Cares
New York City Department of Parks and Recreation
New York City Department of Transportation
NY Chinatown Senior Citizen Coalition Center
NYC Council District 10
NYC Road Runners Club-NYC Marathon
Odyssey House-Bronx
Part of the Solution (POTS) Soup Kitchen
Saint Ann’s Church of Morrisania
Sphinx Organization
St. Mary’s Recreation Center
The Bronx is Blooming
The Green Apple Project
The Mission Continues
The Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Memorial Holiday Party
The United Way
Visions-Services for the Blind
Yorkville Common Pantry

Recruit Hostos Volunteers

Hostos Community College Volunteer CorpsHostos Community College Volunteer Corps

On this page you will find information about how to recruit student volunteers for your organization, for one-time projects or on-going initiatives. The students who volunteer at Hostos Community College as part of a club or organization or as members of the Volunteer Corps or Hostos Student Leadership Academy are a dedicated, determined and diverse group of individuals who donate their time freely to causes that they have passionate feelings about. They are for all intents and purposes a well-oiled machine that makes a difference on the campus, in the University and most notably in their communities; which include all 5 of the boroughs of New York City and Westchester County.

Student members of the Hostos Leadership Academy’s Student Ambassador Program lead or drive the development of our outreach programs. Their hard work and initiative, often fuels the collaborations with local community organizations, and although they volunteer readily, they are not always able to meet the requests or requirements of every agency or group that may contacts them.
The group is always looking for new and innovative ways to extend its reach into the community and beyond. So, if you feel that you may have a project that might interest The members of the Hostos Volunteer Corps, The Hostos Student Leadership Academy or one of the diverse students groups on our campus, please email a brief synopsis of your project and how many student volunteers you may be looking for, with dates and times to Jason Libfeld, Student Leadership Coordinator at

Explore Volunteer Activities on Your Own

Hostos Community College Volunteer CorpsHostos Community College Volunteer Corps

Hostos Community College Volunteer CorpsHostos Community College Volunteer Corps
Hostos Community College Volunteer CorpsHostos Community College Volunteer Corps

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