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Sexual Harassment Policy

The City University of New York Policy Against Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment is illegal.

Every student, faculty member, staff member, and administrator is encouraged to become aware of and to support the University’s Policy Against Sexual Harassment. To this end, we provide this interactive computer program to inform all members of the University community about sexual harassment - what it is and how to prevent it in academic and workplace settings. A copy of the University’s Policy Against Sexual Harassment is available for printing during the program. Revised and adopted by the Board of Trustees in 2004, the policy defines sexual harassment, provides examples of prohibited conduct, discusses penalties for offenders, and establishes procedures for handling complaints.

The University strives to foster a harassment-free environment - one in which all its members can work, study, and learn in an atmosphere of courtesy and mutual respect. As a supervisor or administrator/faculty member/member of the University community, you have a role to play in the attainment of this goal.

For additional information, the full text is available in the Affirmative Action Office, Room A-318.

Sexual Harassment Education Committee

Making a Complaint of Sexual Harassment
The City University of New York Policy Against Sexual Harassment was adopted by the Board of Trustees, dated October 1, 1995 and was revised in January 2005, together with the procedures for the implementation of the City University’s policy against sexual harassment. Under this policy, students may complain to any member of the Sexual Harassment Awareness and Intake Committee.
Any member of the University community may file a complaint of sexual harassment with, or report allegations of sexual harassment to, the Sexual Harassment Coordinator, a Sexual Harassment Deputy Coordinator or any other member of the Sexual Harassment Awareness and Intake Committee.

If you believe you have been the victim of Sexual Harassment or inappropriate conduct of a sexual nature, you should contact the Affirmative Action Office at (718) 518-4284. You may also contact a member of the Sexual Harassment and Intake Committee (SHAIC) listed below:

Eugene Sohn, Esq. (Coordinator of SHAIC)
Director of Affirmative Action, Compliance and Diversity (A-338)
(718) 518-4284

Mercedes Moscat (Deputy Coordinator of SHAIC)
Executive Associate, Office of the President (A-337)
(718) 518-4316

Chief Arnaldo Bernabe
Director of Public Safety (C-030A)
(718) 518-6880

Lt. George B. London
Assistant Director, Public Safety (B-C-06A)
(718) 518-6890

Luz Fontanez
CUNY Office Assistant, Counseling Center (D-101)
(718) 518-4461

Michael Cisco, Ph.D
Professor, English Department (B-345)
(718) 518-6782

Julie Trachman, Ph.D
Professor, Department of Natural Sciences (A-507D)
(718) 518-4132

Elyse Zucker, Ph.D
Professor, English Department (B-345)
(718) 518-6801

Rafael Torres
Administrative Assistant, Office of Legal and Labor Relations (A-332)
(718) 518-4154

Effective October 1, 1995
Board Approved: November 29, 2004 (No. 6 A)
Revised by OHRM July 2008 per agreement with Equal Employment Practices Commission

Students who have been sexually assaulted should report the incident directly to either or both of the following two offices:

Student Affairs
Chief Student Affairs Officer: Mr. Nathaniel Cruz, Vice President Student Development & Enrollment
Management, Savoy D-101, Telephone (718) 518-4264.

Additional Student Affairs Officer: Ms. Johanna Gomez, Interim Assistant Dean of Students, East Academic Complex, Room C-330, Telephone (718) 518-6557.

Public Safety/Security
Chief Public Safety Officer: Chief Arnaldo Bernabe, Public Safety, East Academic Complex,
Room C-030, Telephone (718) 518-6880.

Deputy Chief Public Safety Officer: Lt. George London, Public Safety, East Academic Complex,
Room C-030, Telephone (718) 518-6890.

Students also may report incidents to off-campus resources.

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