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Ability to Benefit

In Fall 2006, the New York State Legislature passed a new law that requires all students who are applying for TAP for the first time and who have a high school diploma from a foreign high school to document their ‘ability to benefit’ from college level course work. The legislation applies to all freshmen, transfer students, and continuing students who:

  1. received a foreign high school diploma, and
  2. have not earned a GED

Students who meet the above criteria and are applying for TAP for the first time must demonstrate their ability to benefit by scoring above the ATB cut points on tests in reading, mathematics, and writing.

CUNY students can satisfy this requirement by scoring a 62 or higher on the CUNY Assessment Test in Reading; a 25 or higher on the Pre-Algebra section (Part 1) of the CUNY Assessment Test in Mathematics; and a 32 or higher on the Writing Objective test.

Almost all students entering Hostos will already have a score on the CUNY Assessment Test in Reading and Pre-Algebra on the CUNY Assessment Test in Mathematics. Students who were exempt from skills tests (see above) and do not have these test scores are urged to take these two tests during the first week of classes in order to ensure TAP eligibility.

In addition, all students required to demonstrate ability to benefit must take the Writing Objective test. This test is given during the first week of classes each term. Students who do not score above the cut point may participate in workshops, presently given by the Academic Departments, in order to be eligible to retake the test.

Similar workshops are available to students who need to retake the reading or the mathematics tests. However, students who are enrolled in remedial/developmental courses will retake the tests as part of their course, at the end of the term.

For further information on Ability-To-Benefit Testing for TAP qualification, please contact Admissions Office located at 500 Grand Concourse, 1st Floor, Bronx, NY 10451 or call 718-319-7900.

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