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Welcome to the Smoke-Free Campus Website


Hostos Community College has been a smoke free environment since January 1, 1995, when CUNYs Board of Trustees passed their resolution prohibiting smoking inside of all City University facilities, including vehicles operated by the University.

At the request of the University’s Chancellor, Matthew Goldstein, the College will be expanding its No Smoking Policy as per the following:

The New York State Education Law charges The City University of New York with providing equal access and opportunity to academic excellence.  By pursuing a smoke and tobacco-free environment we will be enhancing access to those students, faculty, staff, children, and members of the public who are medically sensitive to the effects of tobacco and secondhand smoke in their environment, e.g., people with asthma pregnant women, and people with allergies.

In order to achieve a smoke-free environment, Hostos Community College will be expanding the University’s Smoking/Tobacco Policy by adding to its current non-smoking policy in all College buildings and buildings under Hostos’ jurisdiction the non-smoking policy at the entrances and exits of these buildings, as well as the outside perimeters of these buildings, and the parking lots.  In addition, HCC will embark on a campus-wide educational campaign that will include, among other things, information on the deleterious effects that smoking has on smokers and non-smokers exposed to tobacco smoke, and information on smoking cessation, as well, as providing free smoking cessation opportunities on and off campus.

This Policy will be phased in Two Phases.  Phase One: the campus-wide education and smoking cessation opportunities will begin on November 1st, 2011. Phase Two - prohibiting THE USE OF TOBACCO AND ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE in front of HCC’s building entrances and exits; building outside perimeters; and parking lots will become effective March 1st, 2012.

ABRIDGED POLICY Hostos Community College will infuse the college environment with information on the health and economic impact of smoking.  We are committed to the University’s Smoking/Tobacco Policy by expanding the current college policy to include prohibiting smoking in all College buildings and buildings under Hostos’ jurisdiction and at these buildings’ entrances and around its outside perimeters in and the College’s parking lots.



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