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Accessibility Resource Center (ARC)
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Assistive Technology

Technology Resource Center for Students with Disabilities

SSWD provides a comprehensive combination of facilities, equipment, and support services in our Technology Resource Center and in locations across the college where students require Assistive Technology (AT) resources. The Center, located in Room D101L in the Savoy Building, is our official “Assistive/Adaptive Technology Lab”. It has five desktop Windows PCs with screen magnification and screen reader software, CCTVs and adjustable height workstations, among other resources. Our latest addition, a Dell PC with a flat screen monitor boasts state-of-the-art PC specifications and processing speed. It is here that we teach, train and undertake ongoing assessment of what types of technology afford optimal learning opportunities for students.

Information Literacy & Assistive Technology Services
SSWD provides a unique synthesis of tutoring and training in the areas of Information Literacy and Assistive Technology. We encourage our students to look beyond individual pieces of technology as a means to achieve specific college tasks and to set as a personal goal, becoming “information literate”. The first step towards this goal is to develop skills so that accessing digital information becomes natural and intuitive. We collaborate in this effort with the College Library, which offers an array of workshops for the general student population. SSWD provides a supportive environment that helps student acquire the conceptual tools necessary to be comfortable with any computerized device — desktop, laptop or handheld. And, while we focus on Windows OS and its built-in accessibility features, we also promote the use of alternative operating systems to expand student awareness and basic computer skills.

What is Assistive Technology?
Assistive Technology is any item, piece of equipment or software or system, whether obtained commercially off the shelf, or is modified or customized, that is used to increase, maintain or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. (Source: University of Texas – Panam – Project Enhance.)

What are the products and devices that make up Assistive Technology?
Assistive technology products and devices enable an individual to accomplish tasks efficiently. They are designed to assist individuals with a wide variety of challenges to accomplish tasks in their personal lives and in learning and work environments. There are AT products and devices to meet the needs of individuals with vision, hearing, learning and mobility limitations as well as people with limitations arising from chronic health problems.

Assistive Technology products range from “low tech" to “high tech”. “Low tech” items can include but are not limited to, common devices such as canes, hand-held magnifiers, flashlights, carbon paper, tape recorders, talking calculators, large print letters for keyboards, ramps, hand rails, tactile/Braille lettering. “High tech” AT products include specially designed computer hardware and software, electronic brailing devices, reading machines, TDDs, digitized texts, and many other products.

The college’s approach to the use of AT is to maximize each student’s skills with whatever AT devices he or she needs. We work with external resources such as State Vocational Rehabilitation agencies as well as AT vendors to try to meet student needs. The college, as part of the City University of New York, is a participant in the CUNY Assistive Technology Project based at Queens College. The project serves as a clearing house for information and is a vital component in product evaluation and staff development. We also rely on a number of excellent online resources, which you are encouraged to visit. These are but a few:

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