Flexible Common Core

To reach the required total of 6 courses or 18 credits, students in AA, AS and Bachelor’s degree programs must complete at least one course in each of the five Flexible Core areas and an additional sixth course in one of them. Students can complete no more than two courses from any one discipline or interdisciplinary field. In many cases, colleges will specify how the sixth course must be chosen.

Courses Credits
World Cultures and Global Issues 3
U.S. Experience in Its Diversity 3
Creative Expression 3
Individual and Society 3
Scientific World 3
Elective Option* 3

*Under the CUNY Pathways requirements, most colleges require students to complete no more than two courses in any single discipline (e.g. History) or interdisciplinary field (e.g. Women's Studies). At Hostos Community College, students may complete for Common Core credits no more than two courses in any discipline or interdisciplinary field. For more information, consult a college advisor.